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I’ve gotten some time to spare in my classes due to finishing up tests as well as work, so I’ve came up with 2 monsters…both are suggestions to the game, or at least ideas for the games new monsters :smile:
Here’s the first one:

Name: The Rake
Gender: Not classified


Crunch- The Rake has an extremely strong mouth. Use it’s crunch ability to bite onto the hunters and cause paralysis on them until they are revived. Hunters that were ‘crunched’ cannot not look around or shoot at while down.

Spike trail- The Rake can leave a trail of spikes that resemble it’s own tracks. When stepped on, these tracks pop up into extremely sharp spikes that stab into anything above them, sky rocketing the victim into the air.

Spike Explosion-The Rake can emit the spikes on it’s back to shoot out in all directions. Although this ability is extremely powerful, it’s also extremely easy to avoid.

Can’t think of a final ability XD

Second monster(Got more info for this one because I love this one more):

Name: The Ravager


Pyroblade-The Ravager can enlarge the spikes on it’s body and become deadly sharp. These spikes are flammable and any fire will set the spikes on fire, not harming the Ravager at all.

Double Team- The Ravager can project several “holograms” of itself that mimic what the real monster does. These holograms don’t disappear unless the real monster is shot or all of the holograms are shot.

Bulldoze- The Ravager has an extremely tanky body, allowing it unbelievable physical strength. The Ravager can ‘bulldoze’ in one way with great strength, pounding whatever is it’s path.

BoomBurst- The antenna’s on the Ravager’s head can emit strong, eardrum bursting sound waves that push away and harm anything near the Ravager, giving the monster a chance for payback or to flee.

Height: About 10 feet tall
Weight: 2 tons

The Ravager is a huge beast, that not only looks intimidating, but packs quite the punch. Most hunters on shear who run into a Ravager come back either dead or badly injured. The Ravager truly lives up to it’s name.

Health and armor statistic’s for each stage:
Spikes on body glow yellow when Ravager is at full energy.

Stage 1- 4 bars for armor,5 bars for health
Stage 2- 6 bars for armor, 7 bars for health
Stage 3- 7 bars for armor, 9 bars for health

The Ravager isn’t just strong, it’s a breathing tank at most.

Pictures(Pics drawn on computer won’t work so here are my sketch’s)

Here’s a little something that me and my friend drew for fun :slight_smile: She drew the Goliath (as well as all the writing in all the pictures), and I drew the Ravager :smile:

So, do you think these are good ideas? Or can at least inspire new monsters for the game? I truly hope so, would love to see a dragon like monster or a wolf like monster in the game :smile:


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