Thought about Cabot


Hello dear hunters and monsters :smile:

So I made this topic in order to get your opinion about Cabot.

Here is mine :
First thing, I’m pretty disappointed that the radius of his dust tracking got nerfed even though it’s true it’s was a bit too large and could spot the monster at random. However it’s not the reason why I created this topic.
The real thing that bothers me with this character is that it has no defensive side, which I find would make him much more enjoyable. So far I love the dust tracking and shooting at the monster through walls from afar with the railgun. However, I think that the Damages Amplifier comes out of nowhere with no particular synergy in his kit and that overall Cabot is less attractive as a support than Hank who has his super useful shield projector. What I mean is that the railgun already has really decent damages and so having a Damages Amplifier is kinda wierd.

So I thought “What could replace the Damages amplifier in order to give Cabot a defensive side ?”

And this is what came to my mind :
Instead of Amplifying the damages dealt to its target, Cabot could have a laser that would reduce the damages dealt by its target. This would allow him to somehow protect his teamates but still make him vulnerable to focus. The damages reduction could apply to damages dealt to any target other than Cabot himself, making him even more vulnerable.

Tell me what you think about it :blush:


I dunno, I’ve seen a well spent damage amp eradicate monsters, when used in coordination of course. It’s like a good opposite to the shield projector IMO.


I really like cabot’s damage amp. I feel it suits him well. I do think your idea would be cool for maybe a future hunter, but not Cabot I feel his is in a good place.


The damage reduction idea could be put towards a future Support it’s just not a good idea to change a major mechanic of a character at this point.

His Damage AMP requires communication to use effectively given it’s big bonus of 200% damage at will, if used properly you can destroy the Monster’s armor in no time, but only if your team coordinates properly, which is why he’s a Tier 3 Support.

If you’re having issues using the Amplifier the team isn’t talking to each other or not synergizing well enough, if you’re playing with pubs I just stick to the Rail Cannon and Dust Tagging.


Yeah, might be because I played most of my games with random players so far.


I think the supports are meant to have the most varied roles, with hank reducing damage, bucket adding raw damage and Cabot amplifying damage.
If you do want a more defensive support who can do damage I would pick hank, that laser cutter can be a art when compiled with weak points
Sorry of I seem a bit harsh/aggressive, I’m a bit lacking in the sleep departmnt


I think if you want defense play Hank. Cabot is practically perfect in every way. :wink:


Damage reduction is basically a shield generatorr. Isnt it?


I think Support is Support, not Defense. Hank is a more defensive-minded support, Bucket’s a balance of defence, tracking, and damage (sentries make decent area denial), and Cabot’s heavy damage and tracking.


Apart from bucket beeing near useless (i realised it) the supports are perfect how they function


You’re playing Cabot with the wrong philosophy.
With the damage amp, the rail cannon and the dust tagging, Cabot is made to be an ultra agressive support. The point with him is to kill the monster at stage 1. And the damage amp is actually the most important part of his kit. In a fight where all the hunters are up, you should always use the damage amp first, and switch to the rail cannon only if you’re out of ammo (or your teammates stop shooting for some reason). It may not synergises with the rest of his kit, but it follows the same theme. Plus, neither Hank’s nor Bucket’s kits have much synergies.


Bucket’s usefulness varies depending on the game modes. He’s not very good in Hunt, but he’s great in Defense and Nest, where his sentries shine. He’s not awful in Rescue, but Hank’s shield is probably more appropriate, to protect the survivors.