This week has been the worst ps4 online experience


nothing but disconnect, disconnect, disconnect, disconnect, EVERYWHERE, every 1 of 3 matches

im monster all my precious opponents disconnect at the same time -_- and then it gets the nerve to ask me if i want to wait stuck in an infinite loop

also as hunter, the freezes and disconnects :scream: make it staph

never had a problem like this since beta, soo yeah TRS the ps4 men need you :cry:

in before sunny nerf


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isn’t the word men, implied for both genders? :scream:

in before sunny nerf


I don’t know. But Feminazis- as in the jerky ones, not feminists- are like sharks. Look out man. >.>


Big problems on xbone as well post patch…


I have a similar experience, but slightly different. Three times in a row I have made the entire team in Escalation quit disconnecting the game. Got to day 3, all of them quit, beat them in Nest in under 3 minutes, they quit. The most recent was when I reached defend and ALL FOUR quit seconds from each other.
I am literally scared to play normally, I feel like I am forced to lose games just so the puny Hunters don’t get all mardy and quit!
I AM NOT EVEN A GREAT MONSTER! Well, except Wraith maybe.


Sigh. Aaaaaaand I got flagged, though I suppose that was to be expected. :confused:


don’t look at me i believe in freedom of speech 100% soo i never censor ^.^


I would never flag you Rose… 'Twas not I.


Summoning @MrStrategio


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