This waiting game


Its killing me​:pensive::sob::sob:


The longer you keep looking at it, the worst it will feel, i suggest you leave it be.


Well, I stared at that image and willed time forward. It changed, I’ve managed to cut an hour off the time to wait.

Bill O’Reily says you can’t explain that.


Heh, i wish too, skipping to 10th feb, but there are problems that may cause, you may change the future, and skipping it onto your mind means youll miss anything going on in between.



I believe that’s called falling asleep. I’m doing it too. Well, it could be that, or it could be the Shear (heh) epicosity and/or awesomitude and/or badassery of the product of the entertainment industry known as Evolve tearing a veritable passageway through time space capitalized upon by the enormity of our addiction, grief, anticipation or Evolvelust.

Just a theory.