This video is hype (Why i love Evolve)


This video gets me hyped godam!


Sorry to rain on your parade, but this is basically an edited version of the “Happy Hunting” trailer, which was released by TRS and 2K, just with the Danzig version of the song “Mother” instead of the Lissie cover… here’s the original trailer… better IMO.


My son and I made a montage during the beta (nothing since launch, too busy playin’ duh… ). Anyway, we watched it for the last 3 weeks getting pumped for eventual release…

Maybe once I get to level 40, (LVL 34 now) I’ll start workin on some more (anyone with ideas that are on Xbone, happy to make some together). I enjoy it… it ain’t about being a fricken YT star, it’s about collecting the memories. We did a whole bunch of em with our friends on GTA. Oh, and it’s great father and son bonding time too…


I just got a War Boner