"This topic will close an hour after the last reply"


I dont wanna lose my 35k amound of posts :cry: why is this happening?!

In all seriousness though this is only recent. Did you guys implement a rule for chats to close now as well as forums?

You gonna get what you deserve all your threads will be closed all your posts will be flagged mwahahahaha

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No but really… Why?

I don’t want it to close.
I’ve made friends ;-;

I unno…  what even dumbass got in and I’m not in this is BULLSHIT.

rolls away, never to be seen again

I’ve got trust issues man. I need to have known someone for a long time.

I will get you for this.

It’s ok I’m not in it either :cry:

Fine its not like I cared anyways.

Let’s ask some mods @Takran @SledgePainter @Plaff

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Don’t hate meh ;-;

Thanks sentry <3


The hate is growing… soon it will consume me. Then I will find you in evolve and I will pick monster and I will eat you

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Don’t derail my issue -_-

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Love meh ;-;
Also I don’t play on PC so…

Getting so derailed.

It could be that after a certain point they crush them like either duration or # of replies at the bottom of this topic it says will close after 1 month.

I’ve seen it for threads with a 1 month period but I’ve never seen it in PMs…

The one month didn’t show up till a couple moments ago. So it might be # of replies and it could be new for pm’s.