This thread is spot on!



The only nerf that ruined the game was markov, his mines can break if someone looks at them wrong


No this thread is not spot on. Alone the title is just bad.


Then I’m guessing you’re the majority of the community that shouts. “That’s OP because I lost!” Ever heard the saying, “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover?” Read it before you make assumptions smart guy :wink:


Tf? You made a thread to advertise another thread? If you dislike Evolve so much, why don’t you just quit? No ones stopping you, bro.


No i am the guy winning as monster 90% of the time and thinking that the balance is kinda ok just now, but it was truly not 2 weeks earlier. Thanks for not judging a book by it´s cover.

Why theF would i contribute about another post in this thread? I contribute that this thread right here is stupid and uneccessary.


I don’t dislike Evolve. I actually want to save it from the spiraling pool of death that it’s going in. Maybe if you actually read it you could make a more relevent point than just making an assumption based on the title of something. :wink:


I don’t agree with everything that thread says, but it’s main point is what I’ve noticed since day one of this game. At least read the last sentence and see what I mean. I’m a monster player too and I win most of my matches too. But there are nerfs for the hunters and monsters that I think are just ridiculous.


Cool for you. As stated, i do not reply to another thread here. This here is uneccessary advertising on a controversial topic. Thats whats truly wrong with communities.


Yes. I main Goliath and I think the health of them was fine. The damage was a tiny bit high but the way they nerfed their damage is just too much :confused:


Not really. I’m supporting something that get overlooked by most of the community and as history reveals, most of the greatest philosophies, ideas, and miracles are generated by the minorities. If you got a problem with what I support then that’s your problem not mine broski. Have fun with whatever bugs you about it haha


No, any thread suggesting intelligent balancing patches are ruining any game is not spot on.


You think all the patches are intelligent? I question your reasoning haha xD


Oh no, I read it. I read the whole thread before I commented. And I don’t think that this thread was needed. And I don’t think YOU should make assumptions based on what I said. You obviously have some quarrel with the game or it’s current state, meaning you dislike some aspect about the game as of right now.

If you REALLY think you know what’s best for this game, why don’t we let YOU “save” the game. Go ahead buddy. I’d love to see this.

This game is not spiraling into a pool of death. I have no idea where you are getting that. This game has been more fun for me than ever. I rarely ever get bugs, and I don’t really give a shit about DLC (I’m just mentioning these because these seem to be the two things people dislike the most). But you know what? Everyone’s entitled to their own opinions.

Just like I’m entitled to the opinion that you’re a hypocrite for telling me not to make assumptions, and the opinion that this thread is completely pointless. Thanks! :blush:


You can support whatever you want and i can give you my oppinion if i want.


I never denied that right from you my man. Your voice is heard and I listened. Doesn’t mean I’ll agree with it all though. It’s just life haha


Well, you shrugged of my oppinion on an assumption while beeing condescending in telling me that i should not jump to assumptions. Thats whats bugging me.


I don’t see why people always have this mindset that their opinions aren’t entitled and that people can’t disagree with them. I never said you can’t say your opinion bud. I have no bias and the only thing I got beef with is this community really. I don’t like a lot of the bullcrap people put on here. (Only my opinion don’t get all butthurt now). It’s also funny how you tell me not to make assumptions and call me a hypocrite yet you assumed that I disliked Evolve. Here let me quote ya:

So great stance ya got there smart guy. Plus I really do think I have an idea as to how this game should be balanced. Too bad the forums are so active it’s difficult for the devs to see everything. Even with the mods and helpers it’s still extremely difficult. If I could talk to them in person and I give them my own list, then I’m sure it benefit this game. You’re enjoying this game more than ever? Good but I don’t see why that has anything to do with what we’re discussing. It’s obvious that you’re mad at me for just stating my opinions and my ideas and if you’ve got such a problem with them then you can talk shit all ya like because I believe in what i say and I truly think it’ll benefit this game. If you don’t agree that badly, well I honestly don’t care because I can’t be everyone’s cup of tea haha.


Markov’s mines were extremely reliable area denial and crazy damage that no other assault could rival.

Kraken’s vortex could knock a hunter out of a fight for 15 second plus if aimed right.

Wraith had an over 60% win rate.

Hyde was useless and totally underpowered.

Val’s healing was pathetic.

Griffin was hard countered by stealth.

Bucket is still underpowered and I’m hopeful and glad that they’ll deal with that still.
If you want a game that isn’t supported by its devs you can play something else.


Bucket is my favorite hunter and he was before he was buffed. He’s supposed to be a support, not another assault. I learned how to use him properly. I thought his rocket damage was fine alongside spreading out his turrets for maximum pressure for the monster. Val’s heal was sad. That was obvious. Hyde needed more of a range factor ya know? I think the Vortex nerfing they did was alright. I don’t even like playing Kraken as a monster player. He’s not my playstyle. Wraith was really OP, but all I thought was needed was just reduce her melee damage and reduce the time for Nova. I don’t like Wraith either because she’s not my type of monster.