This should be a Skin


Bucket with a Mustache.

Someone make this happen ^.^

(Edit: With a Monocule, like the Emblem.)


i don’t know if TRS will make money, only 5% use bucket >.>

sure id love it but… 5%


Necessary sacrifice.

Even if it was just a penciled on Mustache.


Kneel before its Glory.


I bet even the people who don’t use him will buy it :wink:


yeah id like ANYTHING AND I MEAN ANYTHING besides gun skins <.< i mean like seriously out of the cheap… ok took a deep breath

yes ^.^ hopefully


Created by @Lessovik. ^.^


sadly i have no hope, unless its a gun skin :cry: is it ok if i cry


That looks like it should be called The Penguin


You know you love it.



Why isn’t this a thing?!


Because TRS doesn’t love us. :cry:


There’s a picture of Bucket with a mustache somewhere in the game…Can you find it? And I’m not talking about the Badge. :smile:


We have fan art, no need for that in game stuff. :wink:
Unless you make it a skin, then we need it…


I do, I also want it to have an enhanced audio file where Bucket sounds like the Penguin from Batman :smiley:



That just jumped right to the Top of my Priorities.


ive seen it its on a stage that has poison water i think, its on a wall near the relay


The hunt begins!


We need a screen shot!


I think the bucketstache is in a loading screen.