This new trapper. <3 u trs :D


Hello my dear friends. If you played evac and remember Bubonic Pestilence, i bet you remember how hard i’m as a monster.

You also remember my 5:0 evac runs.
You also remember my top-7 kraken.

But this topic not about kraken! It’s… about… GOLIATH!
Ahahaha i just played vs this new trapper. at level 3. none had strike. None had HP lower then 50%.

Before 5.0 I always where landing nearly perfect ability hits on hunters. I would guess something like 90%.
But today.

I died at level 3, vs 0 strikes hunter, and…it’s… all… because… :smiley:

As moderators always ask for “true” suggestions:

I suggest you to remove this “immameganoobpro-trapper-who-dont-do-anything-but-barrier-monster” or make it something like 15 minutes cooldown. It’s really epic thing that just made me leave game after 1st match vs this trapper.

P.S. Monitoring steamcharts. You already went to 500 day/200 night players. I’ll bet to see 300/100 in next month.
P.P.S. For all who will try to call me noob. Check profile of “Bubonic Pestilence”.

I find it interesting how many monsters are complaining about the dome changes, like… the only way they could win before was by running until they knew they were strong enough then fight, rather than actually mix it up with the hunters and make whatever situation they’re thrown in to work.

If you were a monster pre-5.0 that relied on not being domed, maybe you need to look internally rather than blame a gameplay mechanic change for your situation?


bcuz every monster is used to trying to bait a dome. i havnt dodged 1 yet. it sucks. but its nice that i can turn and fight stage 1 and actually get a down on a trapper and gtfo. so no this patch is AMAZING. monsters can now beast mode again without having to run til 3.


I didn’t said anything about dome. It’s ok for 1-sec dome.
I’m speaking about new hunter’s barrier weapon! Please, read carefully.

P.S. Got domed only 2 times.

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My bad! I misunderstood what you were saying!

In your case… The barrier actually has a pretty small capacity, so keeping you from moving won’t stay viable for long if you persist at it. Plus you’re entirely free to move away and reposition so that Jack isn’t able to do his thing.

Didn’t you have issues with Griffin stopping your abilities before Jack came about?


Must have been an amazing Jack player if they were consistently stopping you with Repulsion Field. The angles on that thing are pretty unforgiving.

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0 problems vs griffin. it just annoys.
But this one. Omg, for last 2 months, i died only ONCE at level 3 as goliath. (i died many times at lvl 1/2, but not at 3)
I really died only ONCE. and it was mainly because i trolled hunters and they finnally lowered me down.
But today… i just couldn’t kill anyone. i can’t focus medic, because trapper behind him.
I can’t focus on trapper, he just jetpacks between 2 rocks.
I can’t jump. I can’t rush.

I had 1 game before this. At level 2 all hunters had 2 strikes. At level 3 i started trolling them(kill & wait, because of daisy).

But i just totally destroyed.

Also, i know that i i switch target, reposition. But who cares if they just sit on 1 place near reactor? )

All of your abilities go through the repuslor field that aren’t movement based. Rock throw and flame would for example do some good damage and take the field out of action for a short while.

I think you need to just take some time to work out how to deal with this ability, it’s pretty early days!

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Tyvm for suggestions. But if you play for last 4 months. You should also remember, what was with early-torvald? Until he got 25% nerf for missiles. I just can’t understand. I’m developer for last 10 years.
And we have QA team that test all our stuff that we do. Yes, sometimes bugs can go through.
But with evolve this happens everytime. every freaking update. they release something new, and in next 2 months they’ll nerf it by 25% or more. I tried to understand them. But only 1 idea. 1 freaking stupid idea.

They do testing on xbox/ps. They don’t even test on pc. They don’t care about pc. Because every pc player have as minimum as 1249810298123 times better response & accuracy. I can understand why something should be stronger on console. But same thing on PC…

The repulsion beam isn’t quite as strong as it appears. the capacity is really low and can drain even when not doing anything at wrong angles. Like all mechanics, it is best approached with counter strategy. IF literally the entire team is camping behind it, push through - it will drain and give you ample time to pound the medic or trapper. If the team is more spread out, go for someone who isn’t behind Jack. His power withers when the monster isn’t taking him head on.

That said, you are clearly having some temperament issues. Flagging every post that disagrees with you is immature, and your posts seem irrationally angry. I recommend taking a little break and stepping away - that usually helps me when I’m in such a mood.


To be hones. I flagged for offtopic. Topic is about repulsion. People started blaming me for dome and being noob.
I think i do worth something if i got top-7 kraken in “local region” (have no idea is it eu or no, probably yes).

I understand that i’m angry. Yes i do. As i said. Every new feature leads this behaviour.
I also suggested heavy nerf to it. Tried to follow rules.

Do I understand you correctly that your judgment to quit, and that a Jack nerf is required, is based on playing a single match?


Havent read this thread up until now.
Thought it was a “Thank you thread”. Never have I been so wrong.


I do not plan to quit. Evolve is a great game. I’ll just wait for nerf. After this i’ll see how much it did worth in my rating.
And yes, based on 1 match. Goliath vs Repulsion. I accepted fixes to tranq/grenades/harpoon vs Kraken. Because i felt too op. Even still i have redicioulous opness vs newbies.

But repulsion. Vs goliath…(look, i don’t even speaking about other hunters) that we’ll cost me too much nerves for being voodoo doll.

You lost at stage 3 because they had no strikes, the whole point of this patch was to make monsters fight early and get strikes if you just run to stage 3 your punishing yourself lol

Jack’s going to be a pain to get used to.

And Kraken is basically the most viable choice against him, so I’m expecting everyone to Kraken until Jack falls out of favor.

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There’s no need for name-calling.


My apologies

Seto, Even if i didn’t notice you, i fight them at level 2. But with no luck they just brought me to hp. Without damage (real damage) taken?

Oh, and you really think i never won vs 0 strikes @ stage 3? )))

Fubar, yeah. but. atm.i just forced to play as kraken. Even if i hate him.

P.S. I played vs good teams, before patch, and was destroyed. But i never was destroyed like a freaking noob.