This needs more attention to finding team mates to play with


^^ This right here is a brilliant idea but unfortunately it has been long forgotten and was rarely used, so if people could post there details here if you are looking for team mates to play with but preferably if you do find a team using this then either remove or edit your post so that others know you have found a team.


It is rarely used now because a lot of the people on that list no longer use the forums and no longer play the game.


exactly so more people need to use it!!


Did you read that? :wink: For example, click that link. Then click on the first link available till you reach the Assault page. Two people there. One of them has sold his copy a while back and left the forums. That’s half the candidates unavailable.

Yes, more people should TRY and use it but ultimately there’s no point.


no as in more people should post there details, forget about the ones already there, you can reply to the post as i have done on the medic page so that others can see you.


because im looking for team mates to play with and so using this i could find them if more recent and active players used it


Ah, okay, I didn’t get it at first. :stuck_out_tongue:


no problem, hopefully more people will see this again though :smile: