This is Why wraith is even more OP than before nerf



They were outplayed, and couldn’t cope with the dodges. That does not make her OP.


Nah, I actually like her now. I don’t feel like a scumbag for playing her and her run and decoy strategy is more of a gimmick now against a coordinated team. Pub matches aren’t as dreadful with the new lack of Wraiths due to her not being brain dead.

Skill is finally beginning to take control for monster players now that people are actually getting better.


Lol, if a monster tried on me with my friends, easy win for us. Whoever is playing and doing those stage 1 beat downs, Bravo to them. Great play and used of one skill.

Though stage 1 wins are only found in pubs and are rare. But this doesn’t make Wraith OP, just proves Wraith can be a very manly, feminine monster.


Wraith didn’t force them to not stick together. Being caught by surprise led to bad play.


Why did Medic not start healing until almost a minute in? Why was the shield drone not immediately redeployed? Why was Trapper not using CC more? These are the questions I kept asking as i watched.

A Stage 1 win is very possible in public lobbies. Just take 15% damage perk and three in the monsters best damage skill. So for Goliath take Rock Throw. Kraken take Lightning Strike or Banshee Mines. Wraith take Warp Blast. Behemoth take Fissure or Lava Bomb. Is every monster more OP than before nerf? no. Yet every single monster can pull a Stage 1 win against an uncoordinated team


Hunters were dirt poor. Simple truth.


I’ll admit, stage 1 wins with wraith are really easy now; however, there aren’t very many good hunter teams out there. Until there is a ranked mode, you can win I would think maybe over 95% of your games at stage one with wraith doing this.


Btw how don’t we know that was after the Wraith patch?


The only Op thing is that every Monster can hit the aoe spell at the dropzone and the Hunters can’t avoid it, sadly. But if I remember right, you can boost away with your jetpack before you land. Like 1 or 0,5 sec before you land.

PS: a good team can recover from this aoe hit against a stage 1


It’s after the Wraith Mobility nerf. Tier 4 came after that patch and we can see the whole tier 4 crew throughout the video. Plus, her Warp traversal is the newer, slower speed.

If that’s what you were asking, anyways :stuck_out_tongue:


shes not op she is balenced she is ok


that may be true for these teams, but it is actually true that wraith has gone from a one-trick-decoy pony, with only a small percentage of those playing wraith not using that exclusively.

to a one-trick-warp blast pony. those who dont use it mostly lose within minutes, or run for an entire match.

@Roy is a perfect example of someone who can take this build to a grossly overpowered state, due to it’s hit and run nature, and the fact that if you take CDR, its 15second CD - unless ofcourse, you make sure you’re in combat when you activate it. in wich case its more like 7/8 seconds recharge.

i don’t think i need to point out how pub’stompy that is.


I prefer DI for this. That thing will hit like a TRUCK.

And yes, an excellent pubstomper, but against good teams it does fall apart with only one good move.


a move that you can use every 7/8 seconds with the most mobile and hardest to hit monster due to limb damage, it can actually overwhelm alot of good teams aswell.


Except it’s ridiculously slow now. There’s a video showing it side on…Watch that once and you will never respect Warp Blast again.


I feel bad because I could never do this even though I have done this… This tells you something (lack of confidence).
Also I find it wierd behemoth was not on the video. That would have been interesting…


What I do, and I know it’s weird now (according to these forums anyways), is I take the staple 3 in Warp Blast at Stage 1, and then I take 3 points in Decoy at Stage 2. I regularly get 10,000+ damage from BOTH abilities. I use Decoy as a damage dealing, knock back, and revive denial tool. They didn’t nerf Decoy’s damage after all…


Most of those monsters, if not all, were elite, giving more damage to that specific skill. Therefore, the skill did more damage than normal. I’ve won at stage one with every monster with different skill setups, so I mean it could happen. But if it were a group of 4 hunters all working together with mics, 9/10 would not happen.


Actually the way a decent 3WB Wraith wins stage 1 fights works against premades just as well with just a little more effort in properly getting people out of position with WB. You simply won’t be able to finish the game against better players and rather get 1 or if your lucky maybe 2 strikes before you have to disengage and stage up.
DI is rather lackluster for this imho against good teams, cdr will help in reacting to more opportunities to land those knockbacks on WB to break los. If you don’t properly los the Hunters you won’t get a strike on one without trading 2-3 health bars. Games against Wraith are won through proper positioning, and having your only reliable tool for that (WB) on a low cd is pretty much mandatory.
Sure it’ll work with DI, but you shouldn’t expect the Hunterteam to be positioned as badly as for example EoY was pretty much all game against Insanes Wraith at the last esl cup.

Don’t aggree about that speed of the current Warp Blast suddenly being an issue though. It makes well up for it with it’s radius to reliably hit with it.

As for OP, sure it works most of the time in pugs but it’s honestly not much fun for either side and just forces more and more people to quit the game out of frustration. So keep your lvl 1 pubstomping to a minimum please and try different Monsters/builds for a while until we get a proper ranked mode. Or even look for some premades to play against if you’re bored with pugs no matter the build.