This is why I hate Sunny


Pre-nerf Sunny.

All that power but sad sad little wraith still couldn’t getgud and bring home a win,


Everyone hates Sunny.


I like Sunny. :sunny:


How could you say such a thing :fearful:


She’s so cute and bubbly! How can you not?


She’s evil in disguise I tell you. She’s going to ruin all of monster-kind :cry:


Yes, but at least she feels kinda bad about doing it.


Those are fake sighs that she uses to hide her enjoyment of torturing wildlife and monsters alike. :worried:


She is cute and cuddly but her kit was absurdly good.


all that damage and you lost… then blame sunny? The most i have ever shielded in a single match is 6k ( 2-3k is average in a match for me )… that is less than 10% of your total damage… i dont think sunny is your issue :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


She had Caira as well. This was an old screen from pre-patch sunny


@Azmi_Anuar what medic was it?


Caira, who else can have their team survive that much damage.


Stop relying on Decoy/Supernova spam and actually start abducting and warp blasting them then instead of attempting to go for a no-brainer build and then wondering why you’re losing to any competent team.


I agree… 45k decoy damage LOL!!! He was probably hiding in a corner and spamming it until it took half of a hunters HP then attempted a real attack.


Cursed, you guys beat me to it. It took too long to find the dissepointed Obama pic.


all i see here, is a Decoy wraith complaining, and if you play decoy/supernova decoy wraith, you deserve any abuse people throw at you.


I have barely touched decoy for the last two weeks. Do you even know me or played with me to call me a Decoy Wraith? I am a Kraken main and have experimented with various tactics and playstyles. So judging me so harshly for what very well might have been a one time thing, is very hurtful and wrong. As you haven’t even gotten to know me and how I play.

Besides Decoy was a thing of the past. No decent player even needs to use them anymore. Abduction + and undodgeable Wart Blast is the way to go.

That is the only thing people have been doing with the Wraith since they fixed her, gets boring after twenty games or so. Doing the same thing over and over again. I try to play different every few days or so and picking up new things along the way.


Really, I see more sky Wraith than anything :astonished: . Though to those Decoy/SuperNova spammers out there, yea they are easy win. Haven’t lost to once to Decoy spamming Wraith since its nerf.


why would anyone lose vs a novacoy wraith