This is toooo MUCH


Once again here i am butthurt…Looking for some players who actually have some sense of understanding…

This is game is pure bullfriggins shet, when playing with ABSOLUTE FAARKING IDIOTS…

Why is it soo hard to understand NOT to shoot monster at 60m ? Why is it sooo hard to do that ? Why cant people use the bloody chat ? Or atleast stay together? Why am i seeing level 30+ IDIOTS who doesnt even know whats 2-2 split ?!

Steam id :- Zyfe3r , once again looking for some players who i can enjoy evolve with… (im not MLG UH MURR GAWD PRO , im just looking for people who are not idiots )


I will add you once I get back from work! :smiley: Im in you on this boat even lvl 40s seem to understand nothing :smiley: I want good people to play with but nothing competetive due to RL issues!


I understand you. Sometimes when I rage I just alt-f4 and go do something else to try to cool my head.


Does shooting a tranq from 60m with Val count as a d!ck move? :smirk:


@JosephKarlsson this ^ is ok, only if you are not an idiot !
Just a reminder :wink: :smile:


cmon man…

I am mostly trapper main, i know how most people would play…

60% of the time i would alone and i would find the monster… The team mates would be like miles away…
20% of the time, the support would simply shoot the thing before dome comes down, abrakadabra monster escape and everybody blames me.
10% the support is like OH MERR GURRD TEER 30FT MUNSTAA IMMA KEEL IT ALONEEE instead of clocking n running away…

and 10% of the time ? A balanced team !


I’m gonna add you cuz I’ve seen you post before and I’m in the same boat, still. PuGs are awful - people start taking on the worst qualities of other players, like remaining silent or just running straight at the Monster.

Steam ID: mediumvillain, 40, all Elites, Assault main or Medic. I play at my best with coordinated groups or a vocal leader, but none of my friends got the game.


accepted it :smile:

I dunno , is it ?

But it all depends on the circumstances !

weird :- You have been kicked from match


No probs :sunglasses:
Anyway … I am monster player. I will just eat your body when we meet :wink:


What i learned from pubs is it tends to be a sore game unless you say hey on the mic because then your teamates turn on their brains and communicate.


I play mostly during the week, since I work weekends, and that puts me on the opposite schedule of everyone else. I’d be happy to add you, though my skill level is only mid-level at best. Let me know if you want me to add you on or not.


As long as you are NOT an idiot and knows the basics of the game…

We can play :smile:


Hmm. I never considered that.

I suppose I could very well be an idiot who knows the basics of the game… :neutral_face:
At least I can usually take direction well. :blush:


Just got out of a game where the Griffin only domed the Monster once; when he turned to fight us.

Rest of the game, he only Harpooned. We were able to dome him SO many times, we were on his tail the WHOLE game but he’d never throw it, despite being asked in Mic. Chat and Type Chat… Not a word.

But oh man did he speak up when he got snatched by a Blitzleopard. Never seen so many "HELP!"s typed so fast in my life O.o


Add me on Steam, [ADB] Biobane, I play for fun but I aim to win so I don’t derp around if it can be helped (Unless Shear decides that it’s time to show me how complacent of her Wildlife I’ve become on occasion… I’ve also been known to beget Mammoth Bird Ragnarok now and then when they really piss me off O.o). I can do any role, likely say I’m best with Assault/Medic but I know my way around Support and Trapper :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m usually on in the evening time, and I don’t even think of sleep until like… 3-4am PST :smiley:


Are you implying that 60m+ gives stamina boost? It doesn’t.

If you mean below 60m, it does.


Serious??? Didn’t know that lol.


still looking for players?


Yup. And thing like tranq darts and tracking darts don’t boost stamina. If it does no damage, stamina isn’t gained.


what if i shoot my tracking dart and pretend it is doing damage?


The monster might jump a little and still not get the boost.