This is the skill level you can expect from new players


Just watch this. Now imagine hundreds or thousands of players flooding the forums with “monsters are OP!” and ask yourself… are the monsters really OP? Watch the video. For real.


I would have preferred a smaller demonstration, but after watching for a bit I got your point. I’m sure everyone gets your point. However that’s how it is. This is how people start a lot of the time. They don’t know their class or character so they play around and learn and enjoy themselves. That’s what the game is for.


So the point of the video was that the monster player sucked? Because he sure did. Goliath is also still considered to be the most balanced monster of them all. From what I have seen and read on the forums Wraith and Gorgon are the broken monsters of the game and they are addressing Wraith as we speak. So are monsters OP? Some.


monsters can also twerk, some.


Oh can they now (¬‿¬)