This is the only time I ever watched Twitch


This game is so good I just can’t stop thinking about it, I even started watching Twitch just to see more gameplay while I get quiet moments at work. It’s a fantastic game, the thrill of the hunt can be so exciting or tense. Some people find it a pain to run around (Maybe aggressive animals can be more common place to give more action to the hunters?), but it’s just so awesome when you start chasing down corpses, tracks, flocks of birds etc desperate to catch the monster before level 3. Like-wise it’s incredibly tense for the monster to hope you don’t get discovered.


This is probably my favourite game to watch live, plus on the few streams I’ve been to you’ve generally been able to talk with the people in the chat about it

I kind like watching the streams too much though, before the beta I watched so many twitch streams that I ended up capping my internet, so I couldn’t play as the monster due to lag


Yes, the pre-beta Evolvelust did that to people.


Great fun to watch this game, that I agree :slight_smile: especially when you see hunters POV.


If you happen to catch Sacriel streaming Evolve I recommend checking him out.
He likes to analyze gameplay and create tactics etc. He plays any and all classes, including monster.
Even higher level players can learn a lot from him. I sure as hell did and still do.

You can find his channel from twitch, /sacriel