This is the only thing that makes me mad [Game Freezes]


I hardly ever play monster and when I do this shit happens. Legitimately on the last good hit that will end the match, it freezes like this. Like mid swing. No disconnect message, nothing. I can just kind of float around like that until I close the game and restart it. It’s happened the last half dozen times I’ve tried to be monster. I really want to get good as a monster, but it makes it pretty damn tough when I can never finish a GD match.



I feel you brother. I have been playing as Goliath ever since launch, and generally I win, but ever since the last patch whenever I get to stage 3 there is a 50/50 chance that this bull will happen. I don’t know what causes it but it is really frustrating and just like you I hope it will be fixed soon.



Yep, fully understand man. It’s so frustrating when it happens during a good game or just as you are about to win. I’m 71-5 with Behemoth but all 5 losses are from me being forced to quit the game because of this stupid freezing.

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The fact it is ALWAYS once you reach stage 3 and are confronting the hunters makes it even more rage inducing. BTW nice profile pic. I have almost every single Venom Comic (Eddie Brock Venom, the original and best Venom). Venom Vs Carnage was a good read. Sorry I’m off topic. Just had to say something.

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Try not to play Behemoth too much if you don’t want game freeze. : /

He’s the only thing that causes it atm to my knowledge. I’ve never had it happen when playing as, or fighting any other monster.



Like I said I have had it happen a frustrating 5-10 times probably and that was as Goliath…



Damn. He’s the only monster I’ve practiced with.



Yeah, it’s quite the annoying bug. It happened quite a few times to me when I was playing with Sledge, and Lagger.



Bug do you mean?



The freeze game bug, yes. Sever ends up crashing I believe. When you freeze, so do the hunters.



You said buff so I was confused



Simple typo, thinking about quite a few things atm. Tend to be in allot of threads at once.



Yeah it’s ok like I said I was just confused why you said buff it was just a typo I know you meant bug it’s no biggie I was just clarifying for those who might be confused



Good news, and bad news. Slab posted that they are working on a huge change that will more than likely fix this. Bad news is that he estimated the soonest we would get it would be May. And let me tell you as someone who works in software development, what that really meant was late June early July.