This is the first time I've noticed

…that my profile picture has five R’s on it!

I never noticed he two on the R-ms. BADUM TSS.

What if i told you, there were more…

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This is the first time I’ve noticed…

…That the girl’s boots are different to the boy’s in my profile pic. They have a different lining.

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This is the first time I’ve noticed that you can no longer be called MidnightRoses.

Why is that? We call @Shin Shin, though his profile pic isn’t of a Shin. We call Brandini Brandini, he’s a stormtrooper (kekekekekek) and it goes on and on. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s not the same. It’s the principle of the matter.

Well, I don’t feel as though I need swords as a profile picture.

Rose may choose what she wants to. ^.-
But hey, I don’t call her MidnightRoses anyways. So 'twould not bother me. ^.^

You dooooooooooooooo.

Well, your profile pic doesn’t match your name that much. :stuck_out_tongue: The R is there, but there is no terror, or raptor. :wink:

You’re perfect as you are, hush now.

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Nobody calls me MidnightRoses, lol. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Apparently Rapt does. ^.^

He doesn’t count. :wink:

No, you call her: waifu, bae, Rennypoo, and Nightnight.

@MidnightRoses Too be honest, Wraith is a pretty terrifying creature. So that’s half of it. And my picture has six R’s. R is the first letter of raptor, and raptor has six letters. So that’s the other half right there.

i threw in an imaginary R on her back

I’ve never called Rose any of those. ^.-

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You what mate?

You what mate?


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Oh, I know for a fact SOMEONE has called you Rennypoo in one of our old mega threads. And I know damn well you’ve called him “Shinnykinz”. :joy:

'Twas not me.

It was him, but the nickname was weird and creepy. o.O

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It was me? Wha’?
Sounds like Ted to me. :confused:

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