This is still a thing? (Invisible Monster Glitch)


Is this ever going to be fixed?


This is still around!

This was here since the beta and still hasn’t been fixed?

I’m guessing you joined a game in progress right?

@Insane_521 @GentlemanSquirl please balancing wizards help us.


Yep, game in progress


I have never seen this in all my 860 hours of evolving into a higher being… consider my interest piqued.


@FishyG23 is it OK that I added invisible monster glitch to the title?


never seen that before…

Goliath Adaptation #2 confirmed!


I dont mind


I have seen it many times ever since launch. This is my first time having it on fire though.


I just saw that for the firs time a few days ago when joining a match. Makes me glad that the take a break button is a thing.


That doesnt fix this glitch though. Unless you meant just letting the bot take over for the rest of the match.


It helps when encountering the monster.


I think I remember seeing this a while back but it hasn’t happened to me since. Although this isn’t the only instance where a monster might go invisible. My friends and I were playing a custom and I was playing Meteor Goliath. I went to evolve nearby and the trapper could see my evolve spot but I wasn’t there, and the roar was heard from across the map.


I ran into an invisible monster glitch when joining a match as Maggie on the Xbone today. I heard this was a beta issue from when the beta first came out. Didn’t know TRS was so unconcerned about it that they didn’t bother to fix it.


tagging the programmer and senior QA.

@ArPharazon @MrStrategio

dont ever assume that. just makes you look like an ass man. i looked at older threads involving this bug and i didnt see any programmers tagged in them. even so, the reports on this bug are a couple months apart (the most previous one was october) with this being the first video of it from what i have found


This is a critically important detail, thank you. I’ll make sure that gets into the internal bug report. Thanks for the video, too, it helps.


BTW I’m not the programmer. :smile: One of many!


you’re the only one who i remembered with the actual tag however! xD

but anyway. nice to have this looked at as the older threads from the past dont seem to give enough detail to have been helpful.


Link is broken for me? :confused:


Also just as a note, some bugs might be difficult to replicate, and so to fix, and some bugs can be fixed and then return after a later patch. Falling/teleporting bodies is a good example. It’s been fixed many times, but tends to pop back up after a few TUs.


yea. some people just don’t realize the problems coders have. i know this from experience myself -.-