This is so OP! It needs an instant narf!


I don’t know what it is exactly but I know it’s there damn it!

Quick! Turtle Rock Studios! Narf it!


So that’s what it feels like to claim something is OP and demand instant satisfaction…

Maybe if I claim that Evolve is OP enough 2K will have TRS narf the whole game.

I can see it already!

Hunters shooting narf bullets!

Narf Mines!

Hank shield? Hank Bubblewrap!

Damage amp? Coat the monster in flowers!

Goliath Rock Throw? Its a Narf Ball!

Kraken flying OP? Give the Hunters Kraken wings! (I like the BBQ ones)

Wraith movement OP? Give her Narf Tentacle legs! They won’t be able to support her already phat movement speed.

Brohemoth? Narfhemoth! He’s just a narf ball… a big flaming Narf Ball. What a douche.

Bucket? He’s immortal! NERF HIS LIFESPAN BY 50% DURATION! It’s only fair since you cut something of the Wraith’s by half. Come on TRS do it! It won’t even hurt Bucket that bad! He’ll still have the other half of his immortality so this helps balerance that!

I’m not trolling! Just lawling.

Also Markov seems like a guy that could take an Arrow to the Knee and still keep going… after a bottle of Vodka. That seems OP.

I find it even more OP that I don’t hear this Russian ever talking about Vodka or the fact that nobody has seemed to care that he’s a Russian that doesn’t talk about his Vodka!

How dare you demand a Russian Cyclops his Vodka TRS! For shame.

Now I will go to bed angry about all this OP shiz before anymore things that are OP come to mind.

But wait! This OP (open post) is UP! Barf it!


You’re catching on there @Major_Warrior


Woah woah woah friend. You’re only viewing this game from a single minded perspective. This game, is actually super UP!!! Yeah, they need to BUFF everything. In the next micro patch they’re fixing a few things. Goliaths rock throw is being changed so he actually throws a Dodge Ram F-150, and upon impact the engine explodes. Oh and Lazarus is getting a second glove, and a personal shield to help him survive. Wraith is getting less health, but to compensate, Decoy will now make 7 decoys, and they all attack at full damage. It’s pretty brutal combined with supernova.


Mother of Buffs…


They’re replacing Daisy too, giving Maggie a sloth with a sound spike on its head. It follows the monster like Daisy, but now you can tell when it’s nearby, and focus on harpoon traps since the sloth can just beat the monster to a pulp.


But they’re called nerf not narf…


Soon these creative innovative people will start spoofing the spoofs. Congrats op you are the 150th person to make a sarcastic nerf post.


That seriously made me laugh. Harpoons will be your main objective for sure!


All joking aside the wrath using 7 decoys would be the most awesome/useful/annoying thing ever


I know there are artists out there.


I Beseech you:


Strawman arguments aren’t making you better than overly hasty people complaining.


The Sloth’s name is Tulip. :smile:
It’s really funny watching him parachute out of the drop ship.


[quote=“Major_Warrior, post:1, topic:56786, full:true”] Narf


Yeah feedback is dumb. People should all just take what they are given.


Still my favorite answer to these OP threads.


Spoken by Mr Khovalyg AKA Crow



I do want akimbo Lazarus Glove


So you can kamehameha them back to life?


No! So one can take their souls and the other to place them in a vicious Dune Beetle (which look like ripoffs from the Arachnids from Starship Troopers) or for the trolling Lazarus Players put a Russian Cyborg Soul into a Spotter or Strider or a Crab!