This is not goodbye -- this is see you later. ♥


Don’t remind me


Good bye Shane


Life gets in the way sometimes, but its an opportunity to grow. Good luck @Shaners, I wish you luck at your new job, and don’t be a stranger to the community here.

Everyone at TRS made one of the best games of all time imo, and it also connected me to some great people, so all in all, my life would be drastically different without Evolve and the community here and you should be proud that you were apart of the team and community here. :slight_smile:

You forgot this.


I can’t even right now, noooooooooooooooooo!!!

Super sad to see you go, but wish you the best for the future!


We must never forget. :heart: Until we meet again fine sir. It’s been an absolute pleasure.

You’re very very welcome. But that YOU for making my job so wonderful. I really appreciate all the kind words LordDerp.

@garratose noooo Garratoseee you can’t be sad!! I won’t allow it. :wink:

Wow! Thank you so much Maximumlimit. You’re gonna make me cry again… :heart: Till the next time.

Love you too Breezy, & No worries! That makes two of us! :heart:

Thank you Nia~! Co-streaming is a go one I rebuild my computer. (shouldn’t take too long. :slight_smile: )

Awww I will miss you SedoUmbra – and I actually lol’d when I read your comment. Truth!

Goodbye!! :heart::heart::heart: Thank you for the fond farewell!

hahahahaha nice tryyyyy hahahahaha :shane_alien:

I promise I will do my best! Thank you for the glitter, as always. And congratulations on the new chapter! I wish you the best of luck in everything you do. :heart:

Thank you Corysss!! :heart: I’m so proud of you – KICK.THAT.ASS----man. :wink: hahaha

Damn… you’re right. But @mizx is still here! he’s part of the era!!

Good bye LemonTree :heart::heart: See you later. :wink:

I promise I won’t. & yes, life does get in the way sometimes – but i’m only a click away! :heart:
I am proud. Thank you all for making my job so lovely. :heart:

Thank you so much!! I really appreciate it. Don’t be sad. <3 I’ll be around!

Contrary to Tara’s belief i’m not dead. :wink:


You can just call me Max it’s the name I’ve picked up and it’s easier to type

Gives huggles Dun cry I’m a sympathy crier


RIP Shane :cry: :shane:
You’ll live on in our hearts, we’ll never forget you :heart:


Live long and prosper my dude.


Noooo, Shaners!

:frowning: I will miss you…! We talked so little, but it was super fun interacting with you! I wish we could play more Left4Dead!

Perhaps I should apply to become the new community manager…! :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:


See you later, community manager… :frowning:


@Shaners , Your presence has been a true joy to have around. From the various means in which you’ve supported everyone in the evolve community and effectively relaying desires from fans to developers, and developers to fans.

Wherever your path leads you, I hope you’ll stay in touch. I’d happily work alongside you in the future. Best wishes in your endeavors, and I look forward to watching your beacon of joy illuminate the world for others.


flot gif


But seriously you have been the most engaging and wonderful community manager out of any game anywhere and its super to sad to hear you moving on. I don’t think I would have nearly been as involved with Evolve as I was without you which I am forever grateful for.

Wherever you go and whatever you do I am certain you will thrive and pretty sure everyone on this post will make that pretty clear! Good luck @Shaners stay boss! It better not be goodbye!! :disappointed_relieved: :heart:


OH PLEASE dont make me cry.

inb4 I hijack this thread with glitter. (jk I wont do that)



Wow! This means so much to me that you feel this way Grizzle! It has always been a pleasure working with you and I can’t wait to see how far you go. <3

I am forever grateful for you as well. <3

Not goodbye! It’s a small industry – KIT!


We were suppose to get married…


It’s been an eternity since I’ve been here. I was planning to lurk off and on.

But i can’t lurk when one of the nicest people is about to leave. Thank you so much for all of your kindness, your energy, the excitement you brought to my favorite game. Thank you for being so active in bringing us all together. It really means a lot to me.

Most importantly thank you for all the fond memories. They just wouldn’t be the same without you.

I hope you continue to take many steps forward. Don’t be afraid to come back, you’re always welcome here. :heart:


Oh no! Your color Shaners! Go back to orange please, pleaseeee!!


Oh quick before you go:


I think I made it like 100 times better. But 100 x 1000000 is a lot. 100000000 is a big number. (I’m also working in 120x120 so quality is low)


I miss ya already m80.


the glitter skin