This is not balanced


You’re allowing this in competitive play… And yes this is AFTER the nerf


1st time running away without sunny, 2nd time running behind wardoom the entire time.


dont try to juke or anything


The point of the video was to go from point A to point B which monsters are going to do to gain maximum distance for an evolve. Your post is invalid. Anyone with a brain is going to realize this is a problem.


realize what is a problem, monsters dont run in a straight line they juke, your friends knew exactly where u were goin of course they gunna catch up fast, sorry not sorry


Are you really this dense? How can a monster even juke when the trapper is running INFRONT of me the entire time. You are talking to a monster player who won the ESL #8 MIND you. Don’t tell me how to play, I know what I am doing. The fact that you would even suggest this enrages me. This is like when bronze players in sc2 would tell master players what they’re doing wrong. /vent (I hope you’re trolling me)


You don’t have to agree with Girth here, but trying to invalidate his opinion by calling him bad doesn’t make any sense. He’s one of the best monsters in the game and one of few competitive goliath players.


i never called him bad i just mentioned the lack of juke


You can’t juke someone who is on top of you the enitre time. If he really wanted to he could sit on top of me and run with me wherever I go. Explain to me how to juke this?


Ok ill admit im likely the worst monster player ever, and I didnt know who you were, but maybe SOME evasive maneuvers would affect the outcome?


Edit: I’ll be a bit more constructive.

You can’t evade someone who is faster than you.


im just gunna play devils advocate and say if i saw the trapper infront of me id prob turn around and go the other way, now hes way out of position, this was made after the thrust nerf?


Yes this was made after the thrust nerf. But in a real game no trapper is going to run ahead of you, he’s going to stay right behind you.


First time: The trapper was on top of you at the start. I feel that if a trapper is on top of a monster it should be able to dome them pretty easily.

Second time: Seem pretty ridiculous.

Like Soul said, your friends were ready. I’d imagine in a match it would of gone differently. Probably could of went the opposite direction when you saw the trapper fly past you? Also, doesn’t the Goliath have the second slowest climb speed of all the monsters?


You suck heidnu. Get gud.

Lol Im joking around. But seriously tho, if aomething like that happened, i would think someone like you would be able to take advantage of the situation and kill the lonely hunter.

Edit: still tho, i see your point. its really hard to get away from a good team, specially with sunny.


That is messed up that they can just keep up with you like that. I cant really think of an easy fix for this at all. Give the monster more stamina traversal and they would easily be too powerful. Limit the jet pack boost of Sunny and it wont be usable at all.

I think maybe lowering the charge of the boost? Limit the number of uses it can have before recharging so it would be used more sparingly, as in combat instead of chasing the monster.



should have just said this was a race, and not a test considering all the factors , this was set up for the best possible conditions for the hunter to win which doesnt always happen

considering that, the monster should never lose the race imo


Okay mister ESL you just suck at juking


there is no “finish line” in a real match. try the test again only dont tell your friends where you’re going and actually try to lose them by juking and trying to break los, if you switch directions half way through and they still go to the other side of the map, then the monster won.



Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Monster’s superior mobility! :stuck_out_tongue:


Actually we always know where every monster is going in competitive play and are always within 100-150 meters away.