This is NOT a Photoshop'd image! Evolve in my Steam!


I know you guys know me for duping the masses with photo edits, but this image has NOT been photoshopped.

Ya like? :slight_smile:


If it was recent instead of pinned I would be super Jealous :stuck_out_tongue:


Same and i am terrible at photoshop :slight_smile: it’s prob because we pre-orderd it


Darnit… you guys are either too smart for your own good, or I’m slipping.

…or maybe a little column A, a little column B.

Actually, I have the game pre-ordered, from Greenman Gaming, so I don’t have the key yet, and it’s not in Steam. But I pinned the Evolve Alpha and it seems even after the game is removed, Steam doesn’t take away your pins.



Evolve has been in my Steam ever since the Big Alpha. It’s just missing the Play button, but it’s still there.


I’ve had two posts deleted for making this sort of comment, but…

You should file a bug report about that. Tell Steam it’s broken and they need to fix it now so you have a play button. Or you will return all your Steam games. Make sure they know how serious you are.