This is nice to see :D


So whilst digging around the internet I found this here article of top 22 games :smiley: [Article] (


It’s awesome to see something like this. Evolve is only the 4v1 game I’ve ever played (Idk if I did play a game similar) from all the hate this game got and still to this day… It’s not like your ordinary FPS where you alone can rekt the enemy team or anything else. This game is definitely on my top 10 list :smiley:


To quote Piemations freddy faz-bear “Cool”


This game is on my top 1


Mine too just been so busy with work never play all that much anymore I’m so rusty it’s sad


Nope, no way that was top unless you’re one of those people who live and breathe Star Wars. Then the game has that extra “omfph” that could make it better than Evolve.


Yeah no Battlefront II was so much better than this new one


Nice to see for sure, but there’s a big problem: seems to be an article before the year was even over. The wording for their number one game, Battlefront, seems to give that away.

Evolve is still great, no doubt. But this seems to be an article written near the beginning of 2015. Which also means they didn’t know games such as Fallout 4 would be arriving.


I thought this was really cool! At least, until I saw that Battlefront was on there. All credibility instantly lost :smiley_cat:


Number 1 was battlefront though. I’ve only heard disappointment from gamers on that game


Good to see Evolve on something good. I have seen it on a few worst games of 2015, and I am just sure people didn’t play it, or they let all the hate online get to them. It is the best multiplayer game I have played in a long time.

@CorbinNZ I own battlefront and I don’t think its a disappointment it isn’t amazing, but it is fun for short periods of time. It would not be on my top games of 2015 I know that.


I think the guys who vote Evolve for a worst games top list are CoD Players who hv no plan of teamplay


I do agree that a good bit of people hate the idea of team work, and think a game is bad when they just can’t solo things. I know people who won’t play this game because they don’t want to work with a team.


that was toy bonnie

also to all the haters:


You a Piemations fan too? Sweet