This is my Real Topic!


If Evolve Did not Crash, kick me out of parties, every monster was not the wraith, people did not rage quit. I would not be on the forums, I really was looking forward to enjoying this game. Then I see the amount of add-ons and skins they worked out instead of connectivity issues that persisted from alpha to beta to full game its pretty much a joke. Where was the tech team at? This is something that TURTLEROCK said they would use a 3GB patch to fix connectivity and matchmaking issues, But it seems to have both of them.

Please address these as soon as possible and I will be on my way!

As of right now Evolve is HMCC all over again x_x FIX IT!


Game has bugs on release, this happens. They fixed so many problems I had in beta/alpha, it’s lovely.

Just give them more than a day or two to actually fix them lol.


Only issues i had in beta and alpha was connectivity issues and they still persist.


yea, but this seems to be a new trend with all games, it was never like this games would always work, but now every game that comes out is diseased.


Thankfully, if you look at the credits ever, you’ll see there are enough people that texture artists don’t have to work double time to fix server connectivity issues.

However, what platform do you play? There are a number of people looking for regulars interested in the game that can provide long sessions of game play without the rage quits etc :wink:


They do it cause they throw money up in the air with all the preorders! they dont care how the game comes out with tons of bugs cause they have their money!


I remember plenty of games that came out with bugs, some that made the game almost unplayable, and had to rely on patch disks being shipped in gaming magazines and the like. People remember what they want to when it comes to buggy games I think.


They’re working on fixes as we speak. The testing periods were a decent stress test, but not quite enough for the release. Things will improve as these things get nailed down - it just takes a little time is all.


on xb1 but playing with a party is out of the question you just cant connect its pointless ive been only to play with friends maybe 4 matches all day.


They must have saw all the games that came out riddled with bugs but they could be the team that avoids that, they had enough time with betas and alphas but did not happen =[


when a game relies on connectivity and friend play and that does not work its frustrating, its like buying a car with a faulty starter


This is not that bad by any means.

Lords of the Fallen would crash every 3 minutes, lag on people with $4000 machines, giving them like 10 FPS, and had bugs that would make you have to delete your save file and start all over again. It had bugs that would cause you to have to re-do areas, instantly kill you, one would trap you in a hole and you would have to delete your save or wait till they fixed it, which took months.

Believe me, Evolve is the perfect example of a stable game at launch with a few bugs to iron out asap. It’s far from “Diseased” as you can imagine.


I beat lords of the fallen, but it was what ever because it was not multi player yeah it had terrible bugs. Iam on xbox one though. This is meant to be played with friends not randoms. You can not connect to friends which makes terrible


im just saying that we can put robotic hearts in humans but we still have something as simple as video games having issues at every release.


That isn’t even remotely comparable in any way lol


the point is the resources are out there, use them.


It’s only been two days, relax man. Give the team some time to fix the bugs


Then what was the 3gb day one patch for then?


im not freaking out lol. im just saying every game i have purchased since 2014 has been blah for the first week or two


I’m just making general statements, don’t wraith me