This is Maddening!


This whole grinding to level up at the chance of being reset to lvl 1 is bullshit, tried being nice about it once before but this needs to be fixed ASAP, the leaderboards thing doesnt even bother me anymore because i know im up there but two of my friends have recently been thrown back to level 1, one which was level 18 and set back to 1, and the other was level 28 and set back to 1. We are loyal devoted players, we played the alpha, grinded the beta, and also grinded the This game obviously, weve already grinded from 1, 3 different times and now this happens? This needs to be fixed or you will lose a lot of your devoted players that love this game, that recommend this game, that talked this game up. now we look like fools quitting this game so early after launch because of this reset problem you are having.

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Its a problem that is being addressed relax!


This happened twice to you?


It’s being fixed very soon hold in there.

If this has happened to you contact 2K support and they can help you.


Not to me… yet, but to two of my squad members, i feel it is only a matter of time before i get hit with it


Did they colaborate to try and determine a similar sequence of events that may have caused it?


This question is answered and has been brought up multiple times. There is a proper thread for these kinds of discussions or where you can implore/give proper data and feedback. Please use those threads for the time being to help avoid cluttering the forums :slight_smile:



(As of yet)
They can not…:

We would like to apologize for any inconvenience that this progression reset has caused you. Our development team is working hard to resolve this issue. In the meantime, as we do not have the ability to manually grant you your progress like levels, perks, badges or mastery back, we would like to offer to unlock all characters to make up for the inconvenience of your lost progression.