ThIs is how you make a price worthy customization (meteor Goliath)

Bravo well done, THAT right mother effing there is how you justify calling something a skin. Not something that looked like a kid clicked the bucket icon on Paint and changed the majority color. No, these are REAL changes and for that I applaud you.

God, could you imagine how less this game wouldve been bashed if they did this outwright instead of the multiple color changes that were called skins prior?

Butler Bucket

Cowboy Abe

Can I Continue?


Well, this skin is free… There is no price on it.


This to your Bucket liking?


Yes, extreme like

'Twas done by @Waivor, though he’s no longer active.
In case you wanted to know whom the artist was.

Never mentioned price, but I sure as hell would buy it if it had a price.

I’m just glad it was a “true” modification and not something done in Paint at the last second.

This game would’ve gotten much less crap hadn’t it been for the bazillion color swap “skins”

Hopefully this is the start of a growing change within TRS


You like your new masters attire

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Yeah, I saw that before, It’s awesome! :bucket_cute:


While I think the skins are overpriced, they’re definitely skins and most of them are pretty damned creative, in my opinion.

There’s plenty of games that charge for skins and I’ll never understand the big debacle over this game’s DLC setup. Charging for customizations and characters while giving away game modes and maps for free so as not to divide your playerbase is the perfect way to do it, I think.


I am with you too. Skins are overpriced but damn cool

I love it, but this isn’t a skin, it’s an “adaptation”


You have to agree that alot of them are color pallete swaps.

And simply taking a clownfish theme and plastering that on the Wraith isn’t exactly “creative”, a change from the usual color hue yes, but this my friend, is a different model of Goliath.

This a subclass of Goliath.

Hopefully they do this for hunters too, even if it is just a full colour swap.

What am I looking at, I see no picture ;3;

It would be really nice if we could avoid degrading other people’s work, especially when it is 100 times more complicated than that, even for the “simple” recolors. They have to consider skin texture, scars on the body, precision lines for skin transition (like Goliath’s underbelly versus his leathery top layer), color fades, details such as spikes and eyes and claws, and not to mention this has to be done for each and every evolution stage of the monster. So please, consider the people behind the keyboard before you belittle hours of work without much of an idea of what you’re talking about.

I also feel I should mention that the people who work on the skins aren’t the ones who made the call that skins should initially be recolors. That is more of a top-down decision that considered many, many factors, the least of which is time-cost versus development deadlines and other such efficiencies.


Isn’t that the same guy that made my Wraithterror Avatar?

Couldn’t agree more.

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I should mention that I am extremely happy that they are starting to do these “alterations” with the model and effect changes, Meteor Goliath looks great. I would imagine they will continue to do both types of skins - recolors and alterations, with alterations being a bit less frequent than recolors. I’m quite alright with that too.


So if enough hours are put into something, it’s too worthy of being criticized?

Bad work is bad work, no matter how many hours are inputted, they aren’t children where everything has to be told to them threw rose colored lenses, you have to have tough skin if you’re going to enter the gaming industry, that’s just how it is. Heck, the way I’m putting it is a much more polite version compared to the majority who hold my opinion.

Please enlighten me, where are these confirmed (not speculation and assumption) factors here when this was being done? I want links stating from TRS themselves that they had no call on this and were madated to recolor and slap on a price tag and yell “Skin!”