This is how i feel when i have <50ms Pings


There’s a thread for this if you had just been able to find a GIF version of that video.

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Great, now I have to watch one of my favourite episodes again.

Go watch it…
Let the binge watching consume you…

I blame my ex

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Haha he gotcha into it huh? xD

Wow that guy standing in the middle of the arena needs to take some boxing lessons. Back up against the ropes or corner a faster fighter.

Ahah never heard english voices before, its… ahahahah

Less than 50MS? What is this? Lies, such a thing does not exist, or I’d have found it by now!


Think of how we feel when you host
You’re Lee and we’re all Gara lol

I only host when I’m monster because above 150ms on monster is ridiculous. I can still play very well on triple that amount as a Hunter.

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the sands cant keep up :stuck_out_tongue:

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Gaara was my favourite for a long time from that anime, love the character in general.

But even if he’s fast, he’ll tire out. Gaara would win in a battle to the death; easily at that.