This Is How Characters Should Die In The Monsters Ending

I know most likely overall evacuation campaign isn’t returning, but game is still in beta so who knows what could happen? There are still even for the slightest bit chances that the Hunters and Monsters endings are returning, with a rework because of course the DLC characters will be there.

Abducted by Wraith (Replace Val)

She’s more fitting to be burned by Goliath’s fire breath, not Caira.

Behemoth rolls all over him.

Val and Caira should die with the remaining of the Hunters where the camera would cut away, but if they REALLY must have their own death, then any quick and painless death like:

Kraken’s Vortex or Lightning Strike. (Kraken didn’t kill even a single Hunter with his abilities in the ending)

Caira (Replace Maggie with Caira):

Now for the fun part mwahahahaha!

Gorgon should spit on her HARDLY until she becomes a skeleton.

Slim (Behemoth is the salamander and Slim is the bug):

Makes perfect sense

Yes, Slim and Sunny deserve to die brutally the most for their crimes against all Monster players.


If we’re going to be completely bias on the deaths of our favourite characters then I demand Jack dies a valiant hero after obliterating 4 Stage 6 Behemoths on his own.


this feels like a sadist thread, asking for characters to be killed in horrific ways.


Which are what, hurting their egos? Just pat them, give them chocolate and send them to their mommies.


there was this one thread a loooong time ago, about killing your most hated hunter or something to that effect.

how gruesome was that?

Pretty. i came up with one for Laz if Iremember correctly. He was undergoing a bit of a renaissance at the time



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Hey there, ol Shredder did ask for folks to stop tagging him with Slim related stuff. I know it’s tempting, I know i’ve done it, but let’s give him some peace.


I am pretty sure I wanted sunny ripped in half when that thread was around.



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Well, why were the better characters killed in a more horrific way (1:50-2:00) but the crappy characters had to die in a way much like what you’d see in children’s movies (1:43 and 2:01) in the first place?

Val and Caira :slight_smile:

What about Hank.

Hank + ClassCDR = Monster’s worst nightmare.

that’s still sadistic, no matter how terrible they are.

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Can you link me that article?

if I can find it

Caira should die in every way describable, every time she dies Laz should revive her to die all over again.

Regardless of me liking her, watching the same character die over and over again, nobody would ever call this crap an “ending”

Caira will die a fiery death.


I want to see emet turn bucket into scrap metal

No one remembers that DS convo?


Goes to cry in corner

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