Oh lord, the perks of my job…

For any of you who don’t know, I work at a somewhat prestigious Zoo. Today I was off work, but my coworker Eric sent me a video. It was of a guy climbing a fence. At first I couldn’t tell what it was, until I was scrolling through my moms Facebook trying to figure out where tf the log out button was.

We have a GIANT Orangutan and Chimpanzee cage. I mean, it’s about 15 meters high I think. That’s as tall as Titan Eren.

He actually managed to SCALE this monstrosity of a cage, move the heavy metal mesh barrier on top, and climb DOWN into it, just so he could pet a fucking orangutan.

Every year, millions of people enter the zoo. And every year, there’s that one dumbass! :joy:

Just thought I’d share the hilariousness of this with you all. :laughing:


A woman at my state’s main zoo jumped a fence and reached through another into the wolf enclosure to touch a sleeping wolf. Her arm was instantly grabbed and pulled through the fence at that point, and the wolf would not relent. Officers arrived at the scene and it was determined that tranqs would be too slow, so the animal was shot dead on the scene. What would ever cause anyone to think they could reach into a fence to touch a sleeping wild animal? Terrible shame for the wolf.


Tbh, I would’ve just let the wolf have it’s fun. It’s her own fault. I don’t like saying it, but it’s true.


People are complete idiots more often than not… I would have let her lose the arm, she was the one who did such an idiotic act…


I agree… Why’d the animal have to die? She’s the one who made the decision to take the chance.