This is crazy!


Im new here so i can’t upload images :frowning:

But i have just realised something. Take a quick look at goliath, Now take a look at Behemoth. Look familiar?

I believe Behemoth is just an Mega evolved (Yes i do like pokemon)

1: Both have exactly 3 fingers

2: Look at the skin under the behemoths rocks. Pinkish grey exactly like a damaged goliath.

3: Look at the top of behemoth. See how it has some broken spikes? Notice the placement of the spikes? A stage 3 goliath has basically the exact same spikes. The only difference is Behemoths is broken.

4: Both goliath and Behemoth both have tusks

5: And the most important part. Look at both goliath and behemoths necks. Both have gills or scratches.




Not coincidence I think. The underside of Behemoth is much different than Goliath. If it was an evolved form of Goliath it would have more characteristics than a few similar physical features.


I would imagine, much like the native species of our planet, that the Monsters of Evolve share common ancestors. Goliath and Behemoth could be two different descendants, or evolutions of :wink:, the same ancient creature.


As cool as that sounds behemoths his own monster or else he’d be called goliath


What are those gill thing on goliath anyway is he like an amphibian?


Also, the Monsters are not native to Shear.


Really? I had believed them alien, is there definite?


Holy Cow, so sorry, I meant to say that they are NOT Native… Thousand apologies.


Haha, betrayed by one of the community leaders I trust the most :stuck_out_tongue:


Now I must perform seppuku. Do you know how hard it is to do that with Hooves?!?


Heh… You’re already holding a chainsaw… I think it should be pretty easy


I cannot use that against myself. I have sworn an oath to one higher than you and I that I was only to use that weapon in one specific instance and that is not now.