This is crazy cool

Hey guys my names Blake and I’m in love with evolve. I decided to make a little tribute to evolve on youtube lol if u wana go watch it I make lore videos and stuff. I really wana know what do u evolve to change got comment that on the video because I don’t get on here much.
link to the video


You should. If you’re an Evolve fan you’ll love this place. :wink: Nice music video btw. :smiley:

ik this place is fun do u like rap ?

A little. I’m more a man of the Metal, but I like a lot of the raps Eminem did, that’s for sure.

Other than that I like these: xD

Not your typical raps I suppose. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Luda > Biggie

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Chilish Gambino> Luda + Biggie


This just became a Thomas remix thread


Whats wrong with that? :smile:

Snoop > Childish Gambino

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Sick video!