This is coming from a Slim player:

So basically I’ve been maining Slim ever since he came out. I instantly fell in love with his playstyle.

I consider myself a very good Slim player as well. I almost never go down, especially in Arena mode.
Monsters usually never have a clue where I am after I shoot a few well-timed Spore Clouds, and because I know exactly when to continue shooting the Leech Gun, when to utilize the Healing Drone and especially when to retreat with some Spore Clouds, it’s extremely difficult for the Monster to get me down.

And he will have to get me down first, otherwise he’s up for bodycamping against by far the best-suited Medic to counter that strategy.

Now, that’s all fun and games, but now I feel like a selfish little bastard. You see, I’ve tried Goliath yesterday (and have been experimenting since) against a good Slim player (they are surprisingly rare) and dear lord, is that what I’ve been doing all this time? There is no fun. Literally none. It’s absolutely horrible, especially for Goliath and Behemoth.

And it’s all because of those damn Spore Clouds. I know they’ve been discussed countless times before but my oh my, are they hard if not impossible to counter against a good Slim.
I understand the basic principles of “The better your opponent, the harder to win” but Slim is like a whole new level of that to me now.

Spore Clouds. They temporarily disable your smell. You can “move out of the cloud” as many forum members instantly fall back on as their usual defense, but Goliath and Behemoth are melee-oriented Monsters.
I think it also sounds like a fun idea on paper, but here’s where it all falls apart:

  • Random gunfire flashes and explosions all hogging up your screen visibility
  • The particle effects of the Spore Cloud itself
  • Your own character, a giant Monster blocking 1/3th of your screen
  • The constant moving and shaking of your camera as you move around and rotate your view
  • Occasional weather effects such as blizzards
  • Steamodons
  • Your own attacks, especially Rock Throw and Fire Breath, adding even more obstruction on your screen
  • Knockback causing Slim to fly all over the place from your melee attacks

Especially that last one. Dear lord. If I manage to down Slim and he happened to shoot a Spore Cloud at me right before he fell down, it’s a serious, serious pain trying to ever find Slim before he is helped back up again.
By the time you jump out of the Spore Cloud to look for him he’ll long be cloaked by the Support.

Before you reply, read that last part again please. It’s really, really ridiculous but it’s a serious problem.

I also remember reading somewhere the developers messed around with giving the Monster an ability to obstruct the view or HUD of the Hunters but such mechanic turned out to be anti-fun. Might I ask why it’s somehow okay to give that ability to a Hunter instead?

Anyway, that’s my 2 cents. Keep in mind this is coming from someone who already spend over at least a hundred hours with Slim and I feel like I’m rather skilled at playing this guy.
But… well. Perhaps I’m just much worse at playing Monster than I thought. Maybe his Spore Clouds are completely balanced.
Nonetheless I personally find he’s at least as anti-fun to fight as Kraken is now.


yeah its been addressed. people have tried to come up with ideas but none seem to be changing him so far.

this is a main complaint for monsters. for me personally. im staring at the screen till my eyes water. each stage gets worse and worse as you get taller. it becomes even harder to see him.

now that autoaim is gone i can win now. but it was almost 90 against my favor when auto aim was still a thing.


I never had problems with knocking Slim like that. Would it be hitting him and then he goes far away?
Or is it more like him going in a random direction and you can’t find him?
I think spore cloud needs a longer reload or remake it to where it shows healthbars but takes away the names.
It needs to be less spammy either way.


The typical “backwards roll” Hunters do when hit by a mid-air melee hit, Rock Throw or Leap Smash.
Behemoth’s more damaging abilities are surprisingly easy to still keep track of your target with since he only launches them upwards, arms and legs hurling in the air.
With Goliath it’s a different story. I can’t speak for Kraken.

I haven’t had any problems facing Slim (I use all classes and characters/monsters) people rely on smell too much and not their own eyes. Really being aware of your surroundings and focusing slim is the key all while spreading your damage among the hunters.


Aoe heal? thats a waste of time. u focus one. which is either slim or hank.


I am on all low settings for Evolve, and the spore cloud really hurts the game for me.
It becomes really hard to spot the hunters through the spores.


I wouldn’t mind if they gave spore clouds a cooldown, like Toxic Grenades. Make the things area denial but not anywhere you go the whole time you try to fight area denial. Seriously, people say “just jump out” but forget that 1. that means you are using two traversals (one to get out and one to get back in once you are oriented, assuming you even have two to spare for some reason…), and 2. good Slim’s will have the monster and the area surrounding the monster covered in spore clouds much of the time.

Make the radius a little larger and give the spore a cooldown. Then there is at least a little counter play where the monster can attempt to reposition and use abilities to knock their targets out of the radius, instead of the current strategy of “hope I can see my target through flames, explosions, bullets, foliage, weather, and this brightly colored dust cloud.”


Yeah! Personally feel Spore clouds are too spammable, as they really hurt.

I would love to see either a cooldown on them, so they can’t be up all the time, or a slight decrease in how long they last.

The worst part about Spore clouds, is that when I’m in one, I can’t see anything, but most monsters seem to cope with it fine and still be able to hurt me when I’m Slim :’(

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I know that Slim can be very effective and the Spore is a tough counter for some players. When I play Monster I don’t play that many good Slims. I have on occasion and I can usually pull off a win.

Just a small anecdote. I was playing a couple of matches of Arena a couple of days ago with a buddy of mine against a lvl 40-perfers Monster player. He went Goliath every time except one - can’t remember what he picked the other time. Not important though. I picked Slim the first two games. He stomped us into the ground. We won one single round against him but not a single game. I used the Spore Cloud as effectively as I could, like always. He didn’t give a damn. He focused his target every time. Only like once or twice was I able to slip away. Sure enough though he found me pretty quickly and it was lights out for me.

I tell this tale because it proves that Slim isn’t unbeatable. I’ll admit that this Monster was very good. But he had found a way to render the Spore Cloud next to useless so there must be a way. Maybe it’s not balanced, maybe it could use tweaking to make it so the average player can deal with it, but it’s not a game breaking mechanic.


I tried to explain to rick what the difference between spore cloud for hunters and spore cloud for monster is in a different thread but I don’t think he agreed with me but it was basically that Monster is big and uses a highlighter to find the hunters easily take that away they are hard to see. For it to have the same effect on hunters as it did on monster it would have to completely blind the hunters cause the monster wouldn’t blend into the back ground and is bigger than the hunters.

Only way to deal with spore cloud for me is to have high gamma. Or buy a higher resolution monitor.

You forgot to mention that it mask hunters’ lifebar which is kind of an important information for the monster.

  1. Alright I feel that Slims already balanced
    2.Simply jump out of it or focus him so he switches to his leech gun because he needs to get more hp
  2. Are you talking about perks or changes the Devs have to do to Slim

That wasn’t me was it? I have done that before and that sounds familiar. Lately I have been running a Goliath streak.

still havent tried this. I turned it up but it didnt help lol. maybe i need to max it

You’re completely missing my point, and sorry, but yours is the kind of reply I absolutely don’t need.

I created this topic to

  1. Find out how other players feel about Slim

  2. Perhaps encounter some good strategies against his Spore Cloud

  3. Talk about “tradeoff” changes, an example would be increasing the Cloud’s radius but also increasing the cooldown / reload so more tactical play is involved

I’m not a great monster but i’ve never had a tough time with spore clouds. Maybe i’ve never gone up against a Slim of your caliber, but with an xbox and a not extravagantly large TV, spore cloud is not game breaking for me. It definitely makes it more difficult to see hunters but not impossible, which honestly seems fair to me. I would hate to see spore clouds nerfed when it’s basically a l2p issue on the monster end as far as i can tell.


I dunno. Could’ve been but I feel like I would’ve recognized the name. If your name here is the same as your gamertag that is.

Maybe not then, I had a situation just like what you described however, now that I’m thinking about it, it is possible that it was last week…

or learn to see. imagine someone with glasses. I have superb eyesight but when theres explosions and hyde nades I cant see shyt lol.

im on a 40"

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