This is BS. I'll just wait for the patch to play as the monster


Im tired of everyone keeps DEMOLISHING my butt while im playing as Behemoth just because of this bug. My win ratio is 4-10. Clearly you all understand for them giving us a broken monster. I’ll just fµ€k around with the t4s. Anyone knew when will the micro-patch comes live? I would be happy to know


Enjoy I suppose.
I say it that way, non sarcastically. I just don’t play Behemoth, and I don’t plan to.


Why would you stop playing monster only because of behemoth. There are 3 other monsters you can choose.


I already got their elite skins and i dont have intension for them. Lets just say i like to buff behemoth


Wish they would thought of that before they gave us bob


Think of this week as “Ultra Hard Behemoth Mode,” where every win counts as like 50 wins because he’s so busted. Don’t get mad at your losses with him; EXPECT them. Until that fix hits, he’s the weakest monster by far… which makes every win that much more impressive!


Wouldn’t know, I played him once in solo to try him out. I found him excruciatingly boring to play. I prefer to fight him as hunter.


So what do i get for doing that ? Same sh!t ? Fµ€k that.


And extremely annoying when he use oava bomb and torvald uses mortar and hanks orbital while he still gurgling tha fµ€ing lava


Satisfaction, my friend. What do you get for playing Evolve? Nothing, fewer hours to live your short, miserable time on this planet. What do you get for living? Nothing, death is your only reward.

Don’t ask “What do I get?”

Ask “How can I make this fun?”

You’ll be much happier that way!


Pffft…words to live by
Okay,xbob. “How can i make this fun” then


Go up a ramp, roll down with a hunter nailed to your front bumper. At least that is real fun.


Kind of fun knowing that content this expensive is broken at the door. Remember when we got highly polished expansion packs in their own boxes like Quake Team Arena? Yeah, those days are long gone.


Other 3 monster’s fate is excactly the same.No monster stands against T4 hunters.They need nerfs asap


I feel weird for good Behemoth players who are winning without having to use roll + heavy attack spam. Nothing but buffs coming our way. I already feel like he’s too strong as it is.


I knew he should have more health! I think I counted it up and he only had one or two more health bars than Goliath, not how I envisioned it.

That said, he’s very difficult right now. I also have more losses than wins, but I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it.


Its hard to gauge him so early on. Ive had mixed experienced. At points I feel like he needs a nerf, at points i feel he needs a buff. I guess he really does need more time for ppl to get used to his very different mechanics.

One thing i do know for sure is that behemot’s movements need to be adjusted, and it seems they will. I get stuck way too often playing as behemot. Its hard to tell what surface he will or will not climb when he is rolling.


This is the only buff I think he needs tbh. Being slowed while rolling and unable to reach a decent top speed hurts him the most. However, his damage and combo potential is just so strong right now :stuck_out_tongue:


Too strong? Are you calling behemoth OP?


I’m smelling an argument, let’s keep it calm?