This is bob


/l l
/ \this is Bob, bob has been shunned down for years, and must take refuge until his army grows stronger! if a person likes or comments on this thread, the troop count below will add more numbers to it, Bobs face will also grow more cheery when we reach a milestone(as of now, it is a blank smiley face) help Bob regrow his army so he can re-invade google+ and youtube so he can regain his home!

troop count:15


#This is Bob.


I am bob…


It’s time to hit Evac, boys and girls. We have some eggs to protect.


fixed it for you


We will beat you @reactiveisland5, me te lamp the cups of coffee and the almost mask, we will win

#This is bob


Auto-correct, I hope?


You’d have to be there, it was an inside joke


500 posts of derailment…


Until @reactiveisland5 ratted us out :angry:


It was only a matter of time…


Yeah, we all knew it would happen, it was fun while it lasted

Ps @reactiveisland5 you were sacrificed, in case you don’t know

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stop turning topics off topic please, you guys are cancer in the form of humanoids!


This is Bob.


Oh ok let’s stay on topic shoots bob topic is dead time for a new one


it doesn’t work that way, dipshit


Well bob is dead, this is one of those topics that doesn’t have anything you can say about it but derail


nope, bob is invincible, happily, you are not, now goodbye!


thus meaning the thread cannot be derailed