This is a shout out to the devs regarding the pre-order


When i redeemed my pre-order code to get savage goliath and behemoth, nothing was downloading. What do i do, do i just go on as if i never pre-ordered or is there something i forgot to do. Please help. Also re entering the code doesnt do anything as the system says its already redeemed. Im really disappointed


if its on Steam you can just click on the games properties and check the DLC tab to see. You could also just go into the game and see if you have the goliath skin (which means it did work).
When I redeemed my code there was no extra download either.


Behemoth is not in the game yet. As far as savage goliath there has been issues with skins disappearing. What platform are you on?


i have a ps4


I didnt finish the big patch update, does that have something to do with it?


Yea I would finish that update. Again behemoth is not in game at all, so all you are missing is that skin. I am a PC player so I don’t know all the problems with PS4, but I have seen a few forum post on similar things with PS4.


Okay hopefully it works. I really like that skin and who doesnt want a free monster, it basically extends the game for me


Behemoth is estimated to come out sometime next month or sometime early spring. I am really looking forward to behemoth!


Yeah, hes a game changer