This is a new one for me...xbox1 (Context Corruption)


I was playing behemoth in ranked. 2min or so into game. First feed was movement speed mammoth bird. I had MS as my perk, so I was excited. I got a black screen and an error “Context Corrupted”. End of game.


Movement Speed Mammoth Bird? That’s not possible.


That’s the only way to get the movement speed from elite wildlife, so yes, it’s most definitely possible.


It’s not a Mammoth Bird, it’s a Strider. Mammoth Birds give cooldown and reload speed.


Please don’t take away from this thread because I’d like to know why this happened. I play a lot of this game and it’s the first time I’ve ever got this error message. But, MS comes from the mammoth bird my friend.


No, it comes from a Strider.

The bug you got can easily be caused by things not loading properly. This could be the map not loading quick enough. Textures not loading. The list goes on.


No, it doesn’t. I believe it’s… Reload Speed. Not entirely sure.

I know for an absolute fact that @Shunty is right. MS comes from an Elite Strider, whether it be Marsh or Canyon. How long have you been playing this game? Lol.

Edit: This is a Mammoth Bird.

And these are Marsh and Canyon Striders, respectively.


movement speed is from striders :stuck_out_tongue:


It happens every now and then and has been logged already. Just keep soldiering on friend.

mammoth bird= cool down reduction/ reload speed
Strider = movement speed.

Just in case no one told you yet.


everyone told him


I know this. Should have kappa’d


Context corruption is a rare glitch that occurs. It happens on PS4 too. Refer to @Shunty’s explanation.

Please also report this issue using the Issue reporter;

Include as many details as you can (it may help). Best thing would be to report using the console’s crash reporting, if it comes up.




Strider = MS actually. Sorry to burst the bubble.