This is a great community


This has been one of the best gaming communities I have seen in a long time. I know that during release, things are bound to change in the community, but it has been an honor to be apart of this current one. I hope to play with and against you all during release both online and in tournaments.

Shout-outs to @Sannom @SledgePainter @MaddCow @darkinwolf and a lot of other people for being awesome.

Also a big shout out to @DamJess @SlabOMeat @MacMan and the rest of Turtle Rock Studios for creating such an amazing game and being interactive with the community.

Keep up the fantastic work!


Yeah we’re alright! :wink:

Thank you for being a part of it though! Nice to have you on board. :smile:


Jeez, I didn’t expect this! Thanks a lot for dedicating a whole topic to thank the community!

… Also that shout-out tho


I just wanted to tell everyone how great they are. You guys are very positive and constructive.


I rushed here at the sound of “tournaments” and all I get is a thank you and recognition. What is this? Some kind of friendly community or something!? >:(



Like a minecraft drug test.


Yeah, this is easily the best game community I’ve ever been with. You guys are great :smile: (devs especially!!)


I really gotta say though, I think this is the first community in which I don’t feel the need to censor myself at all and everyone seems totally okay with that.

It’s a first. And I love it. All the bad apples seem to leave within a month or so, and by bad apple I mean toxic forum users. We don’t even need to get them banned, it’s like they get repulsed by our bromance.


Honestly not use to a gaming community like this, everyone seems so… nice lol

Thank god this place isn’t toxic like the LoL and Battlefield community lol


Ditto all the above. I know I am a new member but I lurked for quiet a while. Also I think the devs deserve a shout out as well, since they are just as active as we are.


Its cus im here


^so true.


Stfu scrub nobody asked you.

(I love you.)


As did I. Honestly, this is a really awesome, fun, and kind community! I love it! :heartpulse:


If tournaments went on now, only testers and Devs could enter. But I hope some come out a few months after release.


I knew it =-O


Awwww… thanks for the shoutout. The thing about a community, and any large body of people in general, is that those that stand out can only do so because of those around/below them. (Below in the command sense, not demeaning) You guys have been great in responding and participating in exchange of ideas and you to deserve some credit. :slight_smile: You guys keep me coming back, even while at work.


I’ll take all the credit…thank u


Thank you Trey :wink:


<------ Best monster on the XBONE