This guy... he really ♥'s Evolve


This video went around the studio today & put a lot of smiles on our faces. Figured I’d share this for all of you that feel the same as I do! :slight_smile:


Teamwork is everything. <3


That’s me! I’m beyond happy that you guys liked the video, but more happy that you guys made an awesome game!

I’m glad I finally became a member of the TRS forusm, too! And yes, teamwork is everything! :smiley:


You know I was just about to ask in this thread if anyone knew who it was. Can I just say sir… Thank you. You have hopefully created a spark in the hearts of future players. Can I also say that I watched 3:45-3:47 about 100 times. And lastly, Welcome to the forums!


Is you PSN the exact same as your forum name? I’d love to play with you some time. I main Trapper, but you won’t need to worry about me missing domes.


Haha, no problem! I sure hope it helps bring more players; I have faith! Also, that sound effect was invented a few nights ago when I was playing with Ladie_Au_Pair. I was making sounds and the party thought that was hilarious, so I just had to throw it in the video haha! Yes, my PSN named is SkilledTree, feel free to add me!

Thanks for the welcome, happy to be here!


I saw your stream last night Skilled :slight_smile: Glad you are helping out the community :smiley:


I will fight you on two points.

  1. Goliath is the best monster.
  2. I am Evolve’s biggest fan.

But seriously, great video, man.


We need more gamers like him. Thanks TRS for brought to us a good experience with Evolve.


You think you’re Evolve’s biggest fan?

I challenge you >:3


This was greqat, Now I know which vid to use when recommending people to get the game.


First off, Welcome to the forum! Great video!

I’m pretty sure the best monster is daisy.


Cracking up about the two copies. Great review and welcome to the forums :thumbsup:


Nice vid. Shared it with some friends.


Fabulous video! You nerd out about this one as hard as I do - It is awesome! It’s always cool to see anyone this passionate about any game, but it’s even better when it’s a shared favorite. Welcome to the community!


Welcome to the community!!!


Wait. Don’t listen to him. It might be a Rick-poster…


But he is, he said so on the internet. The interwebs is never wrong. ^.^

Also, loved the leaps smash from both sides


Nah, it’s me!!! I wouldn’t allow such an act of terrorrickism happen to my account.


It better be. I’m watching you Rick.