This game needs more LAN tournaments


This kind of stuff gets a lot of views and would bring in a lot of new people. Since there is a lot more to the game with hunters/patches it might even bring people back. I remember seeing 10k people during the xbone tournament on twitch… Seriously lets send some invitations to top teams to the 2k building or something and show everyone how awesome competitive game play is.


There are already ESL tournaments you can play on.


These are not LAN though. There needs to be a big LAN tournament with a sale during that weekend.


LAN requires community to host itself then. What 2K can do about it, really?


Help out? they have a sweet place to play already. I think they can do more than they currently are doing.


all those “showings” they did last year for pre-release. they need to become tournies with prizes.

the pax east tourney with PC and xbox including maddcows team FTW had a spike of 20k viewers. thats really dam good with all the flack in the first few weeks evolve had.

every gaming event should have an evolve tourney if we want it to rise up. pax, EAS, e3, gamescom and any others