This game needs an SDK and Server Browser


I don’t get why you’d launch a multiplayer only game without an SDK, the community can make way better maps than the developers and come up with innovative ideas. Mods sell games on the PC and modders can make things that totally transform a game like this. I think Evolve is a game (like Titanfall) which will die because it is rather shallow and should of had an SDK so the community can grow.

Like COD and BF, these games have massively declined on the PC because we’re stuck with the base game which never evolves. Then the community become bored, drop off and the next one is released. A multiplayer game needs to be a service, like Dota, like CS, TF2 or ARMA, all these games have been massively popular for many many years because of the community. The second you do DLC, split up the community, release a new game and split the community over several games… it just isn’t something I want to invest in.

I like the idea of this game, but for me it is a pass because of this. Reminds me so much of Titanfall though, that was a Source game FFS, that should have had Steamworks and the lot, instead it died.




Uhhhhh…it really isn’t.


I think they can’t currently allow modding by the community due to legal issues with the engine, they have said that if modding becomes an option that they will support



Need a true server browser, with option, control, filter, host, password, etc…

How play with gamer in a Steam group (non friends) and make it private for tornament or fun, at the release will we have tools to host and a lobby with permission etc… ?


Get the players in a steam group chat and invite them into a private lobby from there.


Don’t try like this, if it’s work fine.
But I think we need more control and option for a true host custom game. cycle map, mode, add/ban liste hunter, monster choice.


Yeah i know i just posted on an outdated thread but i think with a shrinking player base and waiting times which get often over 30 min with normal matchmaking we need an unranked server browser for all platforms to enjoy the game.

No need for dedicated servers with 5 people lobbies.

How i would introduce it?
Put in a server browser button in the main menu with some filters like maps, game modes, rules etc.
Now you need an option for individual play which sets your hosted lobby to public.
Than give the host some privileges like kicking players etc and your done.

Sounds easy or?!


As you said, this thread is old as heck! Feel free to make a new one on this kind of discussion. :slight_smile: