This game may be be the best game ever


If…you’re looking for an incomplete piece of eye candy. I’m sure this will likely get removed, but I paid for the thing, so I plan on using my constutional right lol. Don’t get me wrong, it IS a great game, right up to the point where you attempt to take on the challenges of being said “Monster”, its like the cards are stacked against you from the start. Even in Solo, with the game mode in the monsters favor, the odds of victory are slim to having your head mounted on Hanks wall and carcass on the grill. I really hoped that after alpha, then beta they would really look at getting the different modes of game play ironed out, but it seems the Hunters still have a marginal advantage. I’m certain that there are many who will disagree, just as many will agree. And perhaps I’m simply playing devils advocate here, but to win a match, either destroying the power supply (a rarity many of you I know can confirm), or eliminating the team your up against. And in the case of the later, I’m sure more times than not, if that was the case, at least one member made some bone head moves that enabled their demise lol. Then there’s the " loss by default", not destroying the power supply in the allotted time, sooooo…why is it the monster takes the L??? Wasn’t it the Hunters responsibility in the first place to eliminate the monster?? Lol. Its things like this about the game that just cause it to be…OK,but,not as good, as it could gave been. At any rate, at least this time, I went out of my way to put my grievances in clear, and conscies order =’)


And destroying the relay is obviously one of the responsibilities as a monster to win. They don’t take out the power relays, how’re they going to destroy everything? Makes sense to me.

Also, it’s bad enough to hunt the monster already. Not putting a timer or having some other goal for someone to win would make it even worse.


You know, there’s one thing bothering me: Of all the new OP and UP threads, a lot of them call the Hunters OP.

The other half call the Monster OP.

If half of you think one side is OP, and the other half think the other side is OP, and there are no significant differences between the two halves of you, then clearly, nothing is OP.

And I’m going to be blunt here. You may call me arrogant, or a b****, but if you cannot defeat the Hunters, you need to improve.



I’m really starting to like the way you think.

I should try to play a game with you some time.


I agree with this. It’s not that hard to win as monster if you play your cards right. Most of my losses as monster was because of my own mistakes or the hunters being better than me.(counting alpha and beta. Have played monster 2 times since release in which I lost both to very weird “freezes” of some sort)

Not trying to mean but it’s a possibility that you need to EVOLVE your playstyle and skills.


If people are starting to understand my thought process, I spend way too much time here.

To be fair, I have nothing else to do.


…Could always do what I do.

When people like this guy get too annoying… Just go kill some people with a big rock.

Flung from a great distance with great force.


I think he’s doing a nice job of being civil and voicing his opinion. I would give him a cookie, but I’m all out. :smile:

As for killing things with rocks, it’ll have to wait about another day.


What?! But playing target practice with a dropping hunter is fun!


Yes. It also gets my mastery up. Unfortunately I’m travelling now. :confused:


Well cut that out! Stop your travelling, raid someones house, instsall evolve, and get to chuckin’!


But I can’t. Work related travelling. And I’m on my way home now, so no need for steps two and three. Although they do look enticing…


Umm, exactly where in my thread do I say Hunters are OP? Thank you for putting words in my mouth. Perhaps if you actually read the entirty of the thread and not skimmed over what you felt were the relevant parts, to base a piece of your argument, you would have realized,OP never once came out of my mouth. Perhaps you were too busy attempting to appear witty and cool to the masses to honestly read a fellow posters concern, but this IS the internet, I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised…


God lord, please use paragraphs. You would get your point across better if you wrote properly and didn’t strain the eyes of those who you wanted to address.

The Internet.


That is a paragraph, because you can’t refute an argument, how about not attempting to hijack a thread. Actually, I don’t even know why I even bother with with the attempt to try being civil with the majority of some of you individuals on here. The abrasive attitude’s being displayed , are simply a result of the anonymity of the freedom of hiding behind the internet.


So are you having trouble winning as monster?


I might be wrong but the 20minute loss to monster gives the hunters a way to end the match if the monster was to avoid them the entire game. In the other case where the hunters avoid the monster for the entire game, the monster can just stage up and kill the relay Anyhow the timer rarely shows up since most games finish way before then


Frankly your opening post does a poor job in providing critical and constructive feedback to the Dev’s to help you with your problem or to ask for advice to help you improve your gameplay. Instead it comes out as simply complaining that you are losing a lot.

Many other players are not experiencing the crushing defeat you seem to be suffering from so there is likely key aspects of the gameplay you are not understanding or need help on.

I could spend time deconstructing your “paragraph” but that would be a waste of my time and apparently you feel the need to get hostile.


I’ve won the match as monster, yes. My point was, I have only done so by eliminating the Hunters. I have not yet seen anyone win the match by destroying the Power Supply while the Hunters were still alive and attacking the Monster, it just does not seem possible. You either have to stop and focus on the Hunters, or retreat from taking continuous damage from them to regain health and arm our.


And yet another person I could care less about, life goes on…crushing defeat…lol, its a GAME ERCLE.