This Game Looks Great


After seeing it being advertised everywhere all of a sudden on my social media feeds and local stores I had to check the game out on youtube. I think I’ve been missing out on a really good looking game. Personally liking Goliath most in terms of his abilities and design (reminds me of Godzilla or Orga with Godzilla mutation). The 4v1 gameplay looks really compelling and fun and now I am wishing I had been around for the beta of this one. Looking forward to seeing everyone on the battlefield as monster and hunter.


Welcome to the show, man, Goliath won’t let you down!


Don’t worry, I loved Goliath when I saw the game too. c:


Glad to see that more people are joining this great community, see you on the 10th!


Not often to see communities that are here to enjoy the game rather than fight in endless flame wars. I am glad to be joining.

So is Goliath good for beginners on the monster side?


Sorry for the double post but I have a couple questions for the seasoned beta players.

What monster and hunter class do you suggest starting with?

Any tactical advice for a rookie?


Depends what class you’re interested in I guess. Imo I’d say assaults tutorial will teach you basics :smile:


It’s hard to personally say.

I think I preffer Kraken and Hyde most though.


The way the game works is that Goliath is the monster you start of with after doing enough damage with its skills you unlock the next monster Kraken then the last one Wraith. As far as hunter classes are concerned I’d say the easiest to grasp is assault.


Thanks for the tips. I will probably end up running Goliath most, though Behemoth looks pretty interesting too.


I can easilly see behemoth being one of my favorites.


By the sounds of it if Behemoth reaches stage three he is going to be nigh on impossible to bring down by the hunters.


He is indeed.


Tell me a little about Kraken, most gameplay vids I have watched are with goliath, only one had kraken.


Well, generally ofcourse, he’s the ranged one.

He can be more of a pain to play as and against, but he can be amusing when you nail a shot and push the hunters a good way away.

The less you touch the ground or move fast as kraken, the more likely you survive.

I personally try to immidiately go after the movespeed buff, not perk mind you. I cycle my perk from time to time


So as far as gameplay goes is Goliath the raw power, Kraken the spellcaster, Wraith the assassin, and Behemoth the tank?


Yea, that’s kind of the types they fall into.


Are hunter special abilities geared towards certain hunter and monster matchups?


Not really.

You might find some work better together or better against certain monsters but they aren’t really designed that way.

Lazarus has a harder time against Goliath due to fire breath revealing him through the cloak for example but Lazarus can still be effective against a Goliath.


Monster- Goliath

Assault - Markov

They are pretty straightforward and a good starting point.


Don’t venture off on your own (or don’t get too far away from your team)

Don’t just follow tracks. Anticipate the monsters movements.

Listen to what’s around you!

Know when to use your abilities (comes with experience)

Know when and when not to fight.