This game is the absolute worst in cheese factor! Make COD modern warfare 2 look balanced


Is anyone else annoyed that almost every support class and Lazarus break every match if played with the most basic teams? Even when you win its no longer fun. Monsters have less interesting abilities than hunters, there’s limited strategies. Hank alone can dictate an entire team, with bucket you can fly around using one ability without aiming, and sonny and laz both create try hard rush matches. I literally have to put constant pressure on any match that has Lazarus since it will never end in a win, and most players pick him. And sonny can effectively keep you in combat with little effort.


We don’t except hating on the game here, we support others to have a great time. @Sentry_Gun
Add something we can support you with next time !

Edit: also there is a venting thread for things like this, I’m sure someone would be so kind to link you to it!


You shall see how many of us have suffered


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