This game is so broken next time delay it untill its made right


i have spent more time at loading screens than i have actual game play. everyone joined the game and as it was counting down to begin it then went back to the screen showing the players and said waiting for all players to load in for nearly half a hr. and when i decide to leave and go do something else, something like playing a game i spent 60$ on that actually works i get a penalty? fix your game.


i spent $100.00 and i have yet to get the game to launch i get DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED every dang time and so far 0 assist on steam forums or these ones.


Keep calm, people. Patches are underway


Reinstall with AV and firewall off… try to launch again


verify cache


turn off AV and firewall and verify cache


That means someone crashed. It happened to my party, turned out it was me crashing.


Works perfect on the X1. So much for PC Master Race eh?


Give it time, they’re working on patches etc to make it work smoothly again so be patient.


Not true. I have long wait times on the X1 and constantly have to drop out of matchmaking to reenter. Due to this I’ve played mostly single player.


Oh no, someone crashed…

What you’re describing means someone crashed, but doesn’t tell us who. If it happens just that once, it was probably someone else in the lobby. If it keeps happening then it’s probably you. Try to verify local files integrity in steam, disable any overclocks you might have, and reboot.


I can’t even get Xbox 1 multiplayer games to load. Keeps telling me I’ve lost my session or something.


It’s so far from perfect on X1. Keep in mind I LOVE this game.

My friend got to level 16>reset to level 1. Got to level 10>reset to level 1.
Although the problem seems to have improved, I get “connection to game is no longer available” (or some such).
I have spawned a couple times under the ground.
There is a weird lighting bug that makes it look like shadows are where they shouldn’t be.
Survivors often disappear when incapped.
Occasionally buffs are not able to he picked up, but the prompt says otherwise.

This is not perfect. Wish it were, though!