This game is pretty set on trying to give me free losses


Unless I play in a party I will get thrown only join in progress with all hunters with strikes. With such great choices I can stay and lose or leave and lose.

If I choose to stay, the next game about 50% of the time disconnects me for no reason midmatch.

I can confidently say that since the last patch, I have racked more losses to disconnects than I have legitimately disconnected since the Beta.


If you stay in a game you joined into it wont count as a loss


Like I said, if I do, I will disconnect randomly the next game and pick up that loss anyways.


Same here i got black screens freezes disconnects strange audio bugs hunter dropping on me while i am still in the feeding animation dieing before i can even move getting backfilled to a nearly dead monster that i automatically overtake without pressing E. All these issues are here since patch 2.0 i didnt have any of those before. Its driving me crazy since i only lost 2 matches to players not bugs now i got 11 deaths and a lot of disconnects lowring my W/L from very high to very low.

P.s. i made bug posts about them but no offical reply.