This game is not new-user friendly


I’ve start playing in the weekend and I’ve only done 21h and, I get it, you may think I’m a bit of a whiner complaining so quickly, but I hope you’re open to suggestion and I gotta say it. The fact is that you wanted more people to play this game, you made it a free to play, but I dont think you’re going places on this way: not everybody (and I for one) have 4 people willing to spend all the time necessary to learn how to play properly and it’s just impossible to take down a mediocre, even low skilled, monster without a competent team. I get it, maybe the pr0 are using some incredible combo and you gotta give 'em a real challenge, but there are lot of people that just give up because of this low league unbalance between Hunters and Monsters and if you don’t get it more n00b-friendly you are gonna lose the new players you have made, and very fast imho. The sad thing is that it’s a wonderful game, a wonderful idea, the setting is stunning and the character are adorable and I had a lot of fun playing the few game I manage to do with Monsters that was actually playing the hide and seek thing until they can get bigger enough to slaughter you, but now I just keep finding those guys with 9+ winning streak that dont even run away. They just wait for the entire team to show up and kill you and, I get it, they would not do it if we were good enough, but the Monster/Hunter learning gap is just too damn high and you don’t have fun until you become strong. I wanna have fun learning. I think I’ll quit until I heard this thing i changed and I’m sorry for that so, please, consider what I’m saying.


Honestly, I’ve played like… 15 hours now and the only time I’ve seen the monster win is when I’m playing it(I’m a veteran, used to be #13 NA Kraken back in mid 2015), and twice against randoms. When I’m playing solo with the hunters it’s mostly the hunters winning.

Maybe my experience as a veteran is influencing the out come of a match that much(I doubt it), but as someone who hasn’t played since said 2015, I think the game is rather user friendly now once you get a basic grasp of how the hunters function.


Please note that the new iteration of the game has been out for a very short time, and the devs are addressing a lot of balance issues and player feedback.

It’s not that I disagree though, the game at it’s current state is very unfriendly to new users, but the devs said they are working on better user interfaces and also some new iteration of tutorials (previously it was just videos, they said it was something more awesome).

Needless to say, you are not a whiner, your concern is pretty legit imo and all I can really tell you is: while the new tutorials are not out, try watching some stage 2 gameplay videos and hang a bit around the forum for general tips and tricks. And don’t be afraid to communicate through your mic, people (as far as I’ve noticed) are very responsive as hunters :slight_smile:


It’s not user friendly neither are most competitive games out there, however it is a lot less toxic and more enjoyable. Take the time to learn it, or don’t that’s your prerogative.


i have played 12 hours thous far and my expierience is diffrent.
monster/hunter winrate is alot closer to 50/50 in my case.
i played alot of monster in solo queque and while i did have a 8 game winstrak at some point, i also lost a decent number of matches. same as hunter, always felt like we at least had a chance, even if we lost