This game is in desperate need of a "DONT WANT TO PLAY" option


So we all know how often you get dumped in a match with a character you don’t want to play.
We also all know that saying you hate this is replied to with “finish the match, you’ll get what you want”

Problem is, that is false. 9 out of 10 matches that I join as monster, I’ll be monster again the next match.
I suck as monster. I don’t want to play monster. I don’t need your condescending “git gud” replies either.

Being forced to play my 5th preference this freaking often is utter bullshit. You know which classes I never get? Assault and Support. I got support really often, until I took it out of the 5th preference slot. This game would rather put me as my 5th choice than it wants to put me as 3rd or 4th. And no, finishing the match obviously does not help.

From now on, I’ll “finish” those matches I get a character I don’t like. I will stand around, walk around and make sure I don’t get AFK kicked. That’s it! If people have problems with that: get TRS to fix this bullshit and make a real matchmaking system.

I will also start recording every time I join matches. If this isn’t fixed in a month, every single one will be put in a compilation to prove that I’m getting my 5th preference more often than my 3rd and 4th combined (I got my 3rd or 4th preference less than 5 times since launch. 5th is heavily competing with 1st preference).


I seem to remember reading the game casts you as Monster if you get put with a party that’s full.

I’d say if you get cast as Monster, you should finish the match and see if you get your preference in the next set-up; if not, then bail. If you don’t want to play the round, turn on Take A Break from the options – the AI will do a better job than a player who doesn’t want to play.

I have Medic as my 5th preference, and in about 100 hours logged, I’ve been forced into it less than ten times, so I just sucked it up and did my best.


When ranked mode is out, it’ll prioritize your choices rather than how quick you get into a game so you’ll much more often get picked for your 1st and 2nd choices so at least you have that to look forward to :smile:. At least, that’s what I heard on the forums.


The most problematic 5th choice is monster, as you can still be forced to play it if :

  • you end up with a 4 man premade (solo players should only be matched with full premades If they have monster as 1st choice)
  • Everyone (or at least every solo player) has monster as 5th (I’m fine with this scenario, I can monster once in a while even if I’m not in the mood)

As far as my experience goes, preferences works quite well as long as it’s only between hunter classes (I almost never get my last choice). The entire system fucks up when it comes to putting you on the preferred side though.


And get kicked from the match right before it ends? No thanks. I’d rather annoy 4 players than waste my time hoping I won’t get kicked. Plus, more players annoyed hopefully means TRS will finally realize that their system is beyond broken.

I seriously hope so. I’ve said many times that I’d rather wait a few minutes for matchmaking than be forced to play something I don’t want to once again. Yet matchmaking keeps dumping me in the first lobby it finds without taking anything but my player level into account (I know devs said otherwise, I don’t believe them. 10 seconds is not enough to actually compare lobbies. Those same devs contradict each other when it comes to Behemoth having x2 damage or not.)


There is also an inherent flaw in a “don’t want to play” option as long as preferences can be modified mid-lobby.

What happens if all 5 players choose “don’t want to play monster”?


Then don’t allow changing your “don’t want to play” in a lobby but only before matchmaking. Problem solved. Want to change? Leave the lobby and change it.


It might be more people are playing with friends instead of solo. If your on PS4 feel free to join us. Play all the time and often have enough for a extra group. That party chat be filled bro lol :smiley:


I’m on PC, but “only play premade” is not a solution to this problem.
The solution is to fix this is make a real matchmaking and give us the option to never play certain classes.

If this means waiting 5 minutes for matchmaking? I’d gladly wait 5 minutes instead of being forced to sit out a match usually taking at least 10 minutes.


That’s just being a poor sport. If you don’t want to play, just leave the match. If more players were like you, half the matches would be monsters standing still doing nothing, and the population (myself included) would just move on to different games with better sports. Then you wouldn’t get any games at all.


I know this isn’t the answer for everyone but I honestly find that setting it to no preference is a whole hell of a lot more fun. You never get stuck with a character that you “don’t like” or “don’t want” and if you are good with all classes you can fill the gaps when a team needs you to. I’d rather be “stuck” as the medic and know I can do a good job even though I don’t really like medic than have someone who SUCKS as a medic get stuck with it and wind up getting us killed.


That’s what I do too :smiley:


I never have this problem more than once. If I get put with a class I don’t want, I just say “meh” and play. After that I usually get the class I want.


Point is, as a monster or support, I can’t do a good job. I’m terrible at them and I won’t learn them with the people I play against.


So I’m calling this now, Ranked Play is going to have some serious wait times for less played classes and we’re going to see a whole lot of “Can’t find a match” “Ranked Play Matchmaking Sucks!”


Someone needs to play the monster. I agree sometimes people get picked to many tiems in a row, and I would love an option for duo’s and what not to choose to become the monster, but someone needs to play the monster and sometime it will be you. I see a lot of people just leaving lobby as soon as they see theyve been picked as monster and it frustrates me a fair bit. Its pretty selfish.


Selfish? They have the monster on their fifth preference, they have all the right to leave. Blame it on the matchmaking, not on the person who leaves.


They should implement this in unranked skirmish as well. What’s to point of being put in a role you don’t like quickly? I’d rather get put into a role I like. I don’t care if I have to wait longer.

I hope you’re right about this :smiley: Do you know when ranked is being implemented?


I agree with this. 50% of my matches yesterday were as monster because of pre-mades. I might every-other a match if there’s 2 loners in the game… but that’s seeming less and less frequent.

I WOULD like to see a system where if you get stuck as your least favorite class, you can get bonus XP in a mastery of your choice! This way even if you’re having a crappy time, you can at least be assured that you are advancing your mastery in what you would have rather played.


Nope no idea. I’m not quite high enough in the food chain to know the inner workings yet.