This game is fun


I really enjoy it when everything works out and people know what they are doing. By that same token though it is also one of the most infuriating games I have ever played especially when I get teammates that somehow don’t even understand the basics (Looking for monster on the other side of the map after they activate carrion birds, no pinging, and stuff of that nature)


Yep. It’s a lot more fun when you form up a party (just grab some people in-game). You’ll also improve faster.


A lot of fun yes :smile:

Extremely infuriating, YES :joy:

Still fun.


This game suffers from something a lot of assymetrical games suffer from; razor’s edge design.

When played 100% perfectly it is super fun.

Mess up one thing (you or someone else) and it becomes the most annoying, boring, and frustrating experience.


With a party of people you know (or playing as the monster) it’s one of the most fun experiences I’ve ever had playing a video game. While the fun factor diminishes somewhat when playing with pubs, I think that fun can still be had, especially if it’s a more casual playlist like Quick Play or Evacuation :smiley_cat: