This game is completely broken


The amount of game breaking bugs that are in this game is just astounding, pure and simple. I cannot believe that they’re charging full price for an unfinished, untested game.

Sometimes you can fall through the map and die when being dropped off at the start of a match.
Sometimes you will get stuck in the air, able to walk around above the skybox, but can’t do much from there.
Reload animations sometimes don’t happen for whatever reason.
Players can sometimes be invisible for an entire match, monster or hunter. Ever play against an invisible Kraken? About as fun as ripping a band-aid off your nuts.
Sometimes harpoon cables don’t show up. Did I catch him? Yes? No? Who can tell?

How can you charge $75 for a game riddled with this many game breaking bugs? And then have the audacity to charge again for 4 overpowered hunters, and then AGAIN for a monster? This is pure exploitation, now.

I want my $80 back.


Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Boring


Don’t reply unless you have something to add.


It’s perfectly normal to get angry at this stuff, but just so you know, devs are working their butt off to fix the bugs and making the game more balance.


Theres a fix for this somewhere, I’ll see if I can find it for you

Known bug, is being worked on

Never heard of it, do you mean that you switch from one weapon to another, then switch back and the weapon is still reloading, or what exactly?

Known bug, being worked on

Thats really strange, I’ve never seen or heard of this, do you have video or something of it?

AC Unity says Hi, and imo, thats was far worse than Evolve. Also, Evolve is only $60 no?

A. Not OP anymore
B. The DLC plan has been known for quite some time yo, if you didn’t like it before, why complain about it now?

Its understandable to be angry over bugs, but theyre being worked on. Bugs are a part of gaming, name One game that released with 0 bugs.
MKX was legitimately unplayable at first.
Literally impossible to play it.
I’d say Evolve is doing quite well really.


Seen this a couple of times. Most notably with Griffin less with maggie though.


Completely broken? Nope.
Some minor issues here and there? Yeah.


Thanks for the feedback, these kinds of topics tend to get hostile and combative very quickly so unfortunately we tend to close these threads down.