This game has improved a lot since Stage 2 came out


Indeed it has. It has improved so much, in fact, that at this point I don’t give a single shit about winning anymore. I’m just farming characters and going kamikaze against monsters.

So effectively you turned this into farming simulator. Not just anyone can do that.


Someone got mad that I got all monsters and hunters 40lvl ? Do not worry more grind is coming sooon,confirmed by dev[additional levels]


Farming simulator?

Shit Ive been doing it wrong. Im still playing the game normally


Try playing with randoms. After 5 lost matches in a row you just stop giving a crap about the game itself.


Well yeah, when I’m with randoms I don’t take characters I give fucks about like Caira and I just take shit tier hunters and muck around and have fun against bad monsters. No sense in bothering about winning in pubs.


Well I m out of arguments here. Pubs suck nothing to add.
If you want to play without full premade coop vs ai is the only way to keep winratio up.


Same here. I usually just play characters I enjoy and practice at getting better.


Playing with pubs is good practice for some characters actually. You learn to do the best you can with very little help from your team lol. :stuck_out_tongue: Means when you do have coordinated buddies the game is much easier because you’re used to having to rely on yourself.


I normally play assault so I’m just trying to improve my aim and get as much damage done as possible. But yeah your right.


Even with Assault it’s a noticeable difference. In a good team your Medic will be kiting him closer to you, not further away; your Trapper will be CC’ing him properly, your Support doing…Their thing, and it will likely be in a good dome since you won’t YOLO Dome like pubs do. :slight_smile:

In pubs it’s like…No one does anything smart. Lol.


It’s depressing though. I just came off one hunt win and then two arena losses with randoms. I was playing out of my skin as emet, doing 50,000 healing, getting multiple players back via the becon, constantly kiting the monster for ages and still the god damn assault and support did nothing!!
Both arena losses were 2-1 and both of those wins came from the rubbish monster player focusing me for most of the round but unable to kill me. So frustrating losing to monsters you know are rubbish. I just feel like one mistake from me doom’s the team over the past couple of sessions. As soon as I’m not 100% the lemmings on my team die.


Whenever I do play medic, I realise what a teacher or parent must feel like when they’re trying to escort lots of kids somewhere.

“No don’t use your jetpack doging fire breath!”

“Now you got hit with leap and a rock. Who’s fault is that eh?”

“No don’t run, don’t run away- ffs now your dead”

“Why the hell is our support 150 out? he’s been killed by a megamouth” sigh

“Assault! Use your flipping flamethr- you know what I’ll type it”

“Don’t revive we have a Laz! WE HAVE A LAZ” sobs


It can be at times, yes.

Just try not to care at all. The experience can be a bit ruined, like when you can’t survive because bad team or when you can’t get any damage, etc, but try and enjoy it anyway I guess.[quote=“The_Little_Jay, post:12, topic:99709”]
I realise what a teacher or parent must feel like when they’re trying to escort lots of kids somewhere.

Most accurate analogy I’ve ever heard for it. :stuck_out_tongue:


You know you’re in for a treat when you encounter a positive thread title posted by Terepin.


Yeah lol. No offence meant @Terepin but when I saw the title and saw your icon as the OP I was like-


I like to win though :slight_smile:

I do need to trust my support more though, I’m so used to bad players I don’t even bother running to hank anymore. :confused:


That’s exactly how I feel! I’ve said for a long time now that playing with pubs is like being a kindergarten teacher on a field trip lol